The First Free Price Search Engine For Local Deals

Berlin, March 18, 2009 – the price search engine Discounto .de will start in the service of the consumer as new consumer portal on the German market the first free price search engine for local discount store offers Berlin, March 18, 2009 – starting Preissuchmaschine Discounto .de offers a free price comparison in the service of the consumer as new consumer portal on the German market about 15,000 discount stores offered by ALDI on LIDL to Tchibo. Weekly calendrically presented around 400 current highlights. Consumers can call thematically individual discount offers and compare their prices independently. Similar products can be quickly over. Without hesitation delta airlines explained all about the problem. 13 main and 126 under topics provides a simple introduction to the offer. A quick overview of all listings, sorted by discount stores, theme and date is made possible by the simple structure of the platform as well as a search function.

Consumers can directly evaluate products and share purchase experience and product information with like-minded people. Regular news about bargains, callbacks and discounter topics are important information that provides to Discounto at any time and free of charge all consumers. Especially in times of recession we must compare prices as consumers to save money”, so Jan Dreger founder of,”we offer our customers at Discounto important consumer information, product comparisons and time saving.” About Discounto: The price search engine was launched as a first consumer portal for local discount store deals in February 2009 by Bobby Thekkekara and Jan Dreger in life. The idea to this consumer platform independently of each other had both founder and met about it. For a year they developed the innovative Preissuchmaschine together for local discount store offers. The first feedbacks are very positive and show that the founders with their idea can inspire many consumers and offer real added value. Press contact: Discounto GbR Bobby Tait Helmhotzstrasse 2-9 10587 Berlin telephone: 0151-5362 1526 E-Mail: Web: other materials can be found online in the press area. press /.