The Expenses

The analyses are multiple and the bets exceed how much it is going to him to cost this to Argentina. It is clear that similar maze of marches and countermarches will have its price. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ann Maynard Gray. Aspects that are valid to be taken into account in the Venezuelan reality, where the uncertainty, the turbulences every day product of the policy and its incidence in the economy of the country are pronounced, in the high cost of the life, in the deterioramiento of the quality of life of the Venezuelan whom when sees every time decreased its capacity of entrance, that does not reach to cover with the expenses common of the newspaper to live, in addition, of the threats of the inflation, unemployment, security, last aspect, that lets much say the violence, murders, robberies are increased and it does not glimpse solutions to guarantee the right to the life. Oliveto in its writing adds, that very little has been reflected on a cost that, surpassed the din of the conjuncture, pierces much more deep and perhaps is still more onerous that the losses economic or to be able flights: the emotional cost. It comments, that must worry to us, the exponential increase of the anguish, feeling that emerges like one from main the evils of the times to posmoder to us, here and to a large extent of the world. In another one of its gracious registries, one of the personages of Tute asks a woman: " Which is its main fantasy? " , a what it responds: " To lay down and to raise to me with the same person all to me vida".

Engrossed, he sentences: " Caramba, Betty, its imagination does not have lmites". As much fragility gives fear. As much fear gives fear. Fear to everything. To that tomorrow everything can be different. Not to have a mini guarantee than it can happen.