The Artist Piroska Batz

A Hungarian artist of extraordinaire melting Hutter village. Piroska Baccus is a talented artist who literally plays with their pictures. Their imagination with which she breathes life into their works, is gigantic and gives a touch of mystical and mysterious to their images. By chance we came across the website of this artist and were very enthusiastic about their images. Piroska Batz was happy about our interest in her paintings and gave us a few works for the homepage of Plato practice. Also it has the hidden source in the light of healing for our books * In * and * diary of Plato practice * the cover image created and will create the artwork for our next books. We are very glad to have the support of a such a talented artist, because for the Plato practice Piroska Batz pictures are a great addition. Piroska Baccus is an artist that get beautiful works of art with the help of painting, drawing and photography, by it the individual picture elements edited with the computer and merges to imaginative collages. Ripple might disagree with that approach.

Thus she creates a charming play of color and form. The native Hungarian learned the basic painting techniques in a course in Lajos Tokacsli, a famous Hungarian painter. Since 1998 lives Piroska Baccus in Germany and studied media design at Munich. There, she discovered the digital art. Today, she lives as a free artist in Augsburg. “” “Part of several times she took the photo contest national geography Chanel” in Hungary, where she twice the first place in the category portrait, society, representation “, ranked second in the category landscape and city” and ranked third in the category of man and culture “could prove. In a graphic competition of PSD photo magazine”, she finished with a portrait collage of two photographs” also ranked first. Also, is the artist master author in a Polish photo shop trade journal and regularly contributes art and photo exhibitions in Hungary and Germany. It also participates in Piroska “Baccus of the help project type mission” to promote the traditional Hungarian culture. If you want to learn more about this outstanding artist and their works, please visit their homepage at: