Tear Down Surfaces For Benchmark

“RENNET CONSULTING & COACHING from expanding activities IN BENCHMARK and product COSTING RENNET consulting & coaching expands activities in benchmark and ProduktkostenKalkulation of technical ProduktBenchmarK now with decomposition” for years of RENNET consulting & coaching (R-CC) carried out activities in the area of product cost calculation and product benchmark will be further strengthened and expanded. In response to the growing demand by customers, the network-based management consultancy R-CC from TearDown now offers surfaces to the decomposition of products within the framework of benchmark activities or product costing. The area is suitable without restriction for vehicle dismantling or other products with a weight of up to 10to. So it will be possible future, at the same time perform also comparative benchmarks or CarClinics up to 10 vehicles or other products in addition to product decompositions. This step completes the portfolio in the technical product benchmark.

RENNET consulting & coaching offers to the customers Implementation of the decomposition and photo documentation of the cost calculation of individual parts or the optimisation approaches from a single source. In addition, is that RENNET consulting & coaching a product database based on a new software solution increase, so that a search in tear-down data and photo documentation for customers over the Internet will be possible. MarktBeNCHMARK complements the technical BENCHMARK”also reinforces the previous cooperation with the Essen anp management consulting GmbH within the framework of benchmark services is a specialist for market analysis, research, and market and product strategy. The anp management consulting GmbH under the direction of Peter Nagel supplemented with the market benchmark the technical aspects. For customers now the opportunity products is not only technically / commercially to evaluate, but also their position and potential in the market or competitive.