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Very well, we are just learning the actual shape of as attract customers highly interested, to do so, I will illustrate with a phrase that is used in the attraction marketing: can not sell a filet mignon perfectly cooked, to a vegetarian, even if it is with the best Argentina meat export some entrepreneurs who don’t know how to make new customers, cast the blame on your product, your companyyour marketing, etc., when the problem is not that, but that does not is this focusing on capturing people in highly need your opportunity, are actually losing time and money with a list that has not been well focused from the beginning. It is not to have a large list, what is at issue is having a highly effective list, that is the secret to make money on the Internet. Let’s look at summary of what it is: 1 must find a niche or market (if possible a micro niche that has a number of people interested in is) which offer the opportunity that I have. 2 Create a funnel of marketing => a) create a gift product PDF, Podcast, Video, a course, ((((etc.), b) do a landing page, c) do a download page, and d) create a form to capture the name and email of the prospect and future client, i.e. create the list). 3 Establish one or more platforms to market your products or services (Online: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the different methods of payment;) Offline: Marketing through media, meetings, invitations, etc.). Others including Eric Kuby, offer their opinions as well. 4 Purge list, i.e., move to another list to prospects willing to purchase the service or product that your you offer or in the event whether they are customers, i.e., we must create the mechanism to convert them into recurring customers. In order to earn more money with the list, it is recommended that you create a list very segmented and studied.. .


For many people it is difficult to accept that the abundance is present, it is possible to start to argue an endless number of situations where the wealth is not manifested, such situations occur because people aware and unconsciously insist on an idea contrary to the creative forces of the universe. From a philosophical point of view Andrew Corentt shows us that wealth exists therefore is, in his book I am happy, I am rich, then from reading this book you will learn mental and internal development processes that help you open your consciousness and thus begin to experience wonderful things in his life. You may find that Facebook can contribute to your knowledge. You will see that this world is full of opportunities only it is necessary to coordinate a series of efforts aware to end to see beyond the obvious, in fact in every place on the planet always exist appropriate conditions for various gifts can be exploited in wonderful shape. It is important to have clear that the opportunity is necessary to conquer it, not just read a paragraph of a book and go to the Street and watch as thousands of opportunities knock our door, the truth that doesn’t work that way, so that the world offers a number of opportunities before you have to knock down large obstacles are just is yourself. I can assure you that if you are a painter, sculptor, accountant, engineer, Economist, lecturer, etc. There are millions of people who are eager to hire their services, then why you not see them? Because internally still not convinced of his own idea of success then his message that sends to the universe is too warm. Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am Rico teaches us the mental processes to achieve an enormous conviction and thus be able to materialize and to realize all our dreams, this life should be a pleasant experience if you properly use your inner power.

The Requirements

Only 2-3 of the 20 works on his territory, letting the customer in their apartment or office. In order not to fall for these rods need to know a few rules: 1. Can not meet with the Executive of a neutral territory. You – the customer who trusts someone to do what you must do yourself. You can not trust a man whose first see and even more so to give him money. So you have a right to know where and under what conditions working artist, or at least should know where you can find it. 2. More information is housed here: State Street Global Advisors. You have a right to know who will do your job.

Well, what is the work write cook for engineering or accounting? Artist must be competent in the field for which came from. 3. You can not give money to a stranger or unfamiliar person. See more detailed opinions by reading what Southwest Airlines offers on the topic.. Upon receipt of material assistance to a person, as a rule, "loses his head" and no longer wants to do something for which he received the money. A lack of interest "Forces" the artist to work for the sake of "his blood". 4.

We should give full information about the ordered work: what to write in each section, what should refer to and what to come, to describe all the requirements supervisor and the standard claim. If the perpetrator is not interested in meeting the performance and content, it will cause jittery. 5. Better not to "bite" to the ads showing only a cell phone as sim card if you want a man can change at least every day, and ordered the work and artist you can no longer see. So, to your course or degree work "was" quality, it is necessary not only to you knew all about the artist and performer of you, too, but all of the requirements for student work. And, as you know, avaricious pays twice. So, before you rush for cheap work is worth considering, rather than trap it. Average prices for course work on economic specialization from 700 to 3,000 rubles. for graduate work – from 3500 to 10,000 rubles. In this case, accompanies the students, only 60% of all performers. And as to you – to buy or acquire knowledge of this knowledge independently.