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The Bible forbids to the mandate them Espritos? The first question of ' ' The Book of the Espritos' ' , where Kardec carries through a infindvel series of questionings, on subjects of the most varied order it is: ' ' What he is God? ' ' Not ' ' quem' ' , it observes. Among others attributes of the deity, the reply received for Kardec are that God is only, incorporeal, infinite, sovereign just and good and alone it wants the good of its creatures. Very good I still ask, which was the word that summarized all the doctrine of the master Jesus? The love. To love the God on all the things and to the next one as itself exactly! Not to make to the others what we would not like that we made. Gain insight and clarity with Georgia Department of Labor. To practise the charity. It is not only enough not to make the evil, is necessary to practise the good.

for goes there. Let us see some of &#039 now; ' ensinamentos' ' of the Bible: ' ' If somebody to come maliciously against the next one, killing it traitorously, will even though take off it of my altar, so that morra.' ' ' ' Who to wound its father or its mother will be morto.' ' ' ' What to abduct somebody and vender, or it will be found in its hand, he will be morto.' ' ' ' Who to curse its father or its mother will be morto.' ' (Exodus, CAP. XXI, 14-17) ' ' That one that to blaspheme the name will be died you; all will lapidate it to the congregation; as much the foreigner as the natural one, blaspheming the name Mr., will be morto.' ' ' ' Who to kill somebody will be died. But who to kill will restitute it to an animal: equal for igual.' ' ' ' If somebody to cause defect in its next one, as it made, to thus will be made it: breaking for breaking, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; as it will have disfigured some man, thus if it far.' ' ' ' Who to kill an animal will restitute another one; who to kill a man will be morto.' ' (Levtico, CAP.

Esoteric Approach

Being the esoterism the science of the soul of the things and the events, or the science of the essences, can be said that it is a knowledge that puts emphasis in the world of the energies, that is, recognizes that for detrs of the events, the world of the phenomena, the world of the energies exists, of the essences. One of the esoterism definitions most inadequate is of that it says respect to the occult hidden one and, or that he involves an organization, or something that does not have access, or still occult magical and ritual arts. It, in the truth, he is only occult for that do not possess evolutivas and ethical conditions to penetrate it. The esoteric study when joined to the esoteric experience it discloses, opportunely, the world of the true intention and, leading finally to the world of the meanings. The esoterista starts strengtheing itself to discover the reason of the things; it is concentrated in the problems of the events, events, crises and circumstances the end to arrive to understand the intention that can contain for it. When it arrives to reach the significao of some specific problem, uses it as an invitation to penetrate more deeply in the just-disclosed world of the meanings; it learns, then, to deal, to incorporate its small personal problems to the problems of the all biggest one. It discovers thus the world of the meanings spread as an intricate net in all the activities and each aspect of the fenomenolgico world. Nicki Minaj addresses the importance of the matter here. The esoterism is, in reality, the training in the ability to function freely in the world of the meanings.

This involves a life in tune with the internal subjective realities. The esoterism involves self-knowledge and education in the direction of that to learn is to remember itself. Self-knowledge is auto-memory. Psychology inside of the cooperative approach and with group conscience is born inside of this vision or science of the essences. Therefore part of the beginning of the basic unit of essence and of the unit of the things. The group conscience or conscience of the cooperation aims at the harmony of all, without competitions.

It takes to a truily democratic optics (of all, for all and for all) and psychological in the direction of a synthetic, esoteric vision and of the unit or harmony of everything what it exists. Consequentemente, takes the men to a sense of global responsibility in all the directions. A new world-wide, synthetic, including and global order could only be born (and it is being born currently) from a cooperative psychology and of a group conscience, searching in the true one felt of the esoterism (the science of the essences) its inspiration. The competition, the personalismo, the nationalism and as much other barriers already had demonstrated its inefficacy and damages, want the individual, want to the society, want to the planet. Therefore, any activity with an esoteric psychological conception, will surpass all the problems and challenges with much more easiness.


It would be treated, therefore, to read the sacred bible and texts as texts of the unconscious one, and not to ask for reasons or explanations to they, but an orientation and a direction (LELOUP, 2004, P. 16). Unconscious it is here in the junguiano direction, that is, images and symbols that if become models, ' ' arqutipos' ' , to be imitation, followed. Example: Abrao, symbol and arqutipo of the faith man; that one that believes; that God walks why he promised. The therapeutic Term in the time of Flon had many directions; it is what in Leloup says to them: Therapeutes can present the two main directions of the verb from which it comes: ' to serve, to take care of, to relieve culto' ' to treat, sarar'. FPUC Program wanted to know more. In Plato, author of reference for Flon, therapeutes has these two felt.

In Grgias, at the beginning of its career, Plato a cook, a tecelo characterizes, as therapeutes somatos: ' that he takes care of of corpo'. But when in Laws, in the advanced oldness of the philosopher, it he characterizes son as ' server of deuses, the family and the city (LELOUP, 2004, P. 24) Therefore, in the time of Flon, the therapist is a cook, it takes care of of the body, takes care of of the soul, takes care of of deuses, that one that he knows to pray for the health of the others, therefore it not cure, it however and takes care of. But this to pray is not as if to see nowadays, as a simple recitao of words and preces ' ' For the therapist, therefore, to pray is not in such a way to recite preces and invocations, but to have its being in the Being so that its Presence if it spreads out or if interiorize through it in the person mal-aventurada' ' (LELOUP, 2004, P.

Land World

The Babylonian had pretension to have been commissioners to govern the world for errand the holy ghost. Babilnia was the corporificao of the incredulity in the true God and challenge to its will. Hewlett-Packard often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Its tower was a monument to the apostasia, a city in rebellion against the sovereignty of God. The Forbidden Knowledge was spread by the world. Gnesis 11: GOD DESTROYED THIS TOWER: When destroying it God had as objective to destroy a concentration of being able malignant that he intended to govern the world, independent of the Creative God. This happened, knows through other sources, after tremendous earthquake, that divided lands in continents that had been spread by the world, not having no linking between them. Before It had an only continent that it came if to break up dividing itself in what today is known as our Mundi Map. The occult Knowledge also was fracionado, almost lost.

So that it did not lose itself total, the survivors in each part of the world had formed small private groups, where they could continue cultuando its deuses, called masters, from who they received medinicamente, the such forbidden knowledge. They are forbidden because they move away in them from the true God. ' ' Destarte, from there exhausted them to Mr. for the surface of all Land; had ceased to build the city. The city received the name from Babel, because there the language of all confused you the land and from there Mr.

exhausted them for all surface of it ' ' Gen. 11:8 History: Between the old civilizations (Mayan, You crowd, Aztecs, Prsia, Egypt, the Scandinavians, etc.) we find in its histories and ancestral myths histories on the Dilvio, and the Tower of Babel. It proves, still, that they possess all, the same knowledge and religious and msticas beliefs, therefore they had been originated from the only source-Babilnia.


How much to the ways, the research will be bibliographical, of field and study of case. Bibliographical, because for the recital theoretician-metodolgica of the work he will be carried through on the basis of material of publications how many to the planejamentos, action, segmentation and niches of markets, mannering communication channels and. As Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65), ' ' any species of research, in any area, assumes and demands previous a bibliographical research, wants for the survey of the state of the art of the subject, wants for theoretical recital or still to justify the limits and contributions of proper pesquisa' '. Given the importance of the bibliographical research for the assembly of the work, one became necessary to appraise it. Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65) define of ample form explaining that: The bibliographical research constitutes part of the descriptive research, when it is made with intention to collect information and previous knowledge concerning a problem for which if the bibliographical research looks to reply …

are half of formation par excellence and establish the basic procedure for the monographic studies for which if it searchs the domain of the state of the art on determined subject. Marconi and Lakatos (2006), complement regarding the bibliographical research have purpose are to place the researcher in direct contact with everything what it was written, said or searched on the subject. We are certain that a searches bibliographical it is essential it to be carried through study. According to Lakatos and Marconi (1991), field research is that one used with the intention to obtain knowledge and information, that are related to a question or problem, to have answers. The instrument of research selected for the attainment of the data was the questionnaire, on which Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 48), point out that ' ' it is the form most used to collect given, therefore it makes possible to measure with better exactness what it is desired.

Universal Cosmic Fluid

ESPIRITISMO and CINCIAImagine that, when having access the Internet today, you was come across with the following notice: Prize Nobel is granted to the scientists who had proven the existence of ' ' particle divina' ' , teorizada for the quantum physics. This discovery opened new routes to the humanity. The scientists had proven the existence of ' ' particula' ' in laboratory tests, concluding that it could be defined as a fluid responsible half-material for the life noplaneta Terra.A particle is derived from the Universal Cosmic Fluid. When of the death, it has its total extinguishing in the material bodies. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The medicine also was benefited very with this discovery, therefore the scientists had proven that the illnesses, of general form, present as characteristic the scarcity of this fluid in the weak agencies.

The fluid can be transmitted (donated and received) by a human being the outromediante the love feeling and becoming true and real use of ' ' vontade' ' in assisting to the next one and of being assisted. Allied to scientific evidence of the individuality of the soul and the suasobrevivncia after the death of the body and to the cases scientifically comprovadosda reincarnation, such discoveries, in its set, represents not apenasuma evolution of the human scientific knowledge, as well as opens a field of chances without precedents in the history of the humanity. Beyond approaching the science in a general way, it agreement daessncia of God, the medicine, psychology, the pedagogia, the philosophy, asociologia, had been among others affected directly in its bases of current knowledge. These recent discoveries also are impactando directly the concepts of ethics and the social relationships of very deep form. When becoming of knowledge and general domain, facts scientifically proven and unquestioned, such as the survival of the soul and the reincarnation, all the conceptual base that bases the social relations human beings, the economic relations, social classrooms and relations of work is being placed in xeque. It is a true quiet social revolution, without precedents and in linhacom the moral teachings left by the Cristo.Seria the potential constatao of facts of this nature that would have taken Kardec to affirm that ' ' thought faith is that one that faces the reason face aface in all the times of humanidade' ' that ' ' the espiritismo will have to always follow the evolution of all the branches of science, perfecting and adjusting its knowledge in the points that if to make necessrios' '? Even though in the here described hypothesis it would be the case of science to prove what the espritos had communicated the Kardec has 150 years more than …..

Web Money?

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