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Paraguay Minister Of Education

REPUBLIC OF PARAGUAY ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI, MERCOSUR nE'e Teet MEETING WITH THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION Yesterday, Friday December 18 2009, 12:30 pm, the meeting was held with the Minister of Education, Dr. Luis Alberto Riart in his office. Hasya peve oikokuri pe suck nembyaty hendive ikahaguaicha onembohasa umi jepy'apy Oiva ne'er Guarani. On the occasion, was delivered to the Minister a note asking, specifically: 1) The strengthening of bilingual education at all levels of the national education system. Not to the exclusion and reduction of Guarani. 2) The bilingualization in the Ministry of Education, Guarani also developing courses for officials of that institution. 3) Training, training and awareness of bilingualism supervisors, principals and teachers of various educational institutions in the country.

4) The launching of a massive literacy campaign for young people and adults, Guarani. 5) The MEC support the Languages Bill currently before the Senate of Congress. 6) The normalization of the Guarani, in oral and written educational institutions, including singing the National Anthem at Guarani and all public events are bilingual character. Hera Omboguapy upe kuatiare ko'a Tapiche: "Lic. Susy Delgado (Directorate for the Promotion of Languages CNS)-Dr.

David Galeano Olivera (ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE)-Dr. Tadeo Zarratea (Civil Society Workshop)-Mr. Pilar Roig (Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay), Lic. Carlos Lugo (Bachelor's Degree in Guarani UNA)-Mr. Miguel Angel Veron (Ivy Foundation Marae'y)-Dr. Mary E. Mansfeld Aguero (National Commission on Bilingualism)-Dr. Aquino Almidio Arguello (Project Kuatiane'e) For the Ministry of Education, more than Riart Minister, Deputy Ministers present were: Diana Serafini and Hector Valdez also other officials.