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Wines Of Lanzarote

If you make a trip to Lanzarote don’t miss try their wines. The island of Lanzarote, with a climate of warm temperatures and little rain, is a fertile area for the wine harvest. In the 18th century in this volcanic island its best growing areas were flooded by a major eruption. He was slowly recovering and today works in the vineyard are made manually because the type of planting prevents mechanized irrigation. All steps are carried out by hand, from planting until the withdrawal of the grapes. Grape malvasia that characterizes the typical of Lanzarote wine abounds on these lands. Then we work on other varieties such as white and black Listan, Diego, Moscatel, Negramoll, Breval, Pedro Ximenez and white Burra.

In 1994 this Canary Island was awarded the designation of origin, which certifies the origin and gives guarantee of quality offered by these wines of Lanzarote. The wineries that form part of this regulatory Council are: Barreto, Castle of Guanapay, Eligio, Timanfaya, Perdomo, the burned, Finca Fajardo, the Faucet, farm, Mozaza, La Geria, Reymar Rubicon. All of them are registered with the regulatory Council of the denomination of origin of Lanzarote and contribute in the protection of the environment and maintenance of the landscape. For that when you plan any trip to Lanzarote try the exquisite wines of any of these wineries, especially those in malvasia grapes that are the most characteristic of the region.