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Mexican Industrial Property Institute

In Mexico the entity legal and administrative to register a trademark, patent or everything related to industrial property is the IMPI Mexico. In Mexico the antecedents of protection for inventions and trademarks is through the law that was created in the year 1976. With the publication of LPI is dio foot for the construction and opening of IMPI brand. Such agency or institution instituted by presidential decree in the year of 1933, its main purpose was the support to the SECOFI. The Mexican Industrial Property Institute is governed through laws, among which are the following: provide protection to the rights that have been provided by Industrial property and for all those creations that are of industrial application. Protection to register trademark Mexico is important particularly for those new products, many people can hijack your brand especially when you don’t have trademark in Mexico. The registration of a trademark in Mexico promotes transfer of technology no doubt companies they may make dissemination of technological information to the respective rights of industrial property in such a way that domestic enterprises can increase their competitiveness abroad.

The registration of patents and brands through IMPI provides proper advice for the record, granting to patent protection and brand registered. The main objective of brands IMPI is the diffusion of services as well as the benefits to register a trademark in IMPI Mexico. It is important to understand that it serves as the organ of consultation on material brands, they are obliged to carry out a preliminary investigation on brands that might resemble his application for registration of a trademark in Mexico. Without a doubt the greatest benefit offered by the Mexican Industrial Property Institute is the protection offered to small or large employers in relation to industrial property rights. If that was little through IMPI brand reduces costs when you get the scope of property-related information Industry. Through trademark registration patents by IMPI can make demands or claims to clarify situations where some third East profiting under its brand name.