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Makeup From The 80s

Does a trip by the way of the Thresholdthe makeup of the era of the 80? s can be summarized in three words: Exagerado, bold, bright. The 80’s was a time in my life that I really prefer to forget. Yes, I used the exaggerated, bold and bright makeup as much as any other woman. In reality, you should add another word to the previous three: Horrible! I really thought that it looked beautiful with my hair that had a huge standing and my eyes outlined in exaggerated form. It had a bar of lips mauve with eyeliner and the Frost that combined. I find it incredible to have found my husband looking so. But, when I look at the photographs, he was not great thing with his muscular and their pants in Zebra Wow! The three PalabrasExagerado: The eighties makeup was very exaggerated.

Huge hairstyles complement the style. The emphasis was on the exaggerated shoulder pads and exaggerated hairstyles; Therefore, the make-up was also exaggerated. Great lash mascara was used and eyeliner, much eyeshadow in dark shades of blue and green; These were trends. Women wore this makeup to go to work as a part more than one style of total power. The strongly delineated lips and lipstick gave a feeling of power and prestige. Before going to work in the morning, the women applied is a full set of makeup. This was something important to be taken seriously in the workplace. Bold: Trends in colors were daring.

Blue, green, mauve, Fuchsia and orange formed the 1980s color palette. I remember buying my first set of cosmetics Mary Kay makeup with popular Fuchsia and orange colours. Unfortunately, the fluorescent lights inconsistent with the blue background of these colors tone. This reminds me of another aspect of the bold part of the makeup. Women defending their boldness in the 80s with great pride.