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Answers to questions Kabbalist Michael Laitman Question: How does one become a Kabbalist? What kind of person do? How does it differ from the average person? Kabbalist – a plain man, who in addition to the five senses developed a sixth sense – the soul, the quality of bestowal and love of neighbor. This property, he 'leaves' of perceiving the world, which is to obtain pleasure for himself alone, in view of the world 'outside of itself' – in other returns. He lived in the desires of other people, other minds, and it is a system of Adam ha Rishon. He feels the Creator – a higher power. Identification with the Creator of all souls and makes it a Kabbalist – that he finds his spiritual existence.

But it looks very ordinary person who lives like everyone else. He was forbidden to move away from society. He must be married, to work, a family, serve in the military – all, like an ordinary citizen. But in addition to all he 'sees' in our world that a higher power, which operates and controls our world. Q: Why is the method of Kabbalah – the only way to achieve spiritual peace, and why Kabbalistic books – right? This is one you can not speak. His books have Indians, Chinese, Japanese, all religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and their variants. And everyone will say that his books – the original. Therefore need to rely only on themselves, making sure that is close to you.

Cabinet Term

The Cabinet believes that the sufficient funding, banks will resume lending to business and private clients. Read additional details here: Gary Kelly. In this case, borrowed money unleash consumption, so that production will start to gain momentum and new employees. Seeing this, leading investors to fear that as long as suspicious transactions, will return to the practice of investment. Cash flow over a dried riverbed flows on and the economy has finally come to their senses. Good luck, Bernanke! Happy is the believer.

In the meantime, the unimaginable amount downloaded in the U.S. financial sector and do not complete the task. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. Moreover, even if the pressure of the crisis and is restricted, it will be only a temporary lull. Why? Because the decision is Uncle Ben to past times, when each earned on its own. According to the classical model, a man driven by a desire to maximize their personal benefit, and the problem of the economy – to ensure that need. Such an approach does not correspond to an integral world in which we find ourselves today.

As soon as people throughout the land were linked, the economic future of each and all have become dependent on other people's decisions. 'Homo economicus', as a means of human professional economic jargon, went to a new level, and his ego has acquired global dimensions. Lord economists, it is time to enter into use a new term: 'Human economicus'. In this term, as in a mirror laws reflected the modern era. Bailing out banks and regulation of financial activity – not an option.

Working Relationships

Irena Asher, Internet newspaper kabbalah world there is no friendship. There is a temporary coincidence of interests. Winston Churchill We were best friends, got up at the same time, went to the same shops, together and separately, sharing the most secret dreams, changed clothes and even went to the edge of the light from all far away, too, together. Until a chosen her. Suddenly, overnight, our friendship was gone.

Of course, I survived this shock. In some ways it was the first tangible slap in the face of life, managed by people unknown to me the laws. After graduation, got a job, married and, as luck would have it again made friends with a woman. Formally, it was my boss, but our relationship could be described as a truly friendly. We correctly and respect the privacy of each of us, but at work in every way supported each other and, if necessary, 'covered' each other's back. Still remember those days with some nostalgia and warmth. This went on until, in our team is not a new employee who is mine, as you might guess, is the former girlfriend did not start sympathize. Suddenly she remembered that she was my boss, suddenly I started to do the job satisfactorily, and suddenly our relations do not conform to the rules. After a few big fights, humiliation and public consumption lowering the wages I had to quit. By this time I was not really a girl, so I was much more difficult to endure yet another slap in the face.

Vernadsky Altruism

Today’s man of harmony falls, as if unwilling to obey the fundamental law of nature – the law of altruism. If we say that the basis for the existence of nature, laid return neighbor, obedience to the interests of community and altruism, then principle of human existence is explicitly declared by self-interest. Under the self-interest we do not mean the ratio of men to each other, and active human reluctance to connect with other people together. It is this is called selfishness. Conversely, altruism means that people in the inner impulse from the heart, acting on their own so that others feel like part of himself. It is this requires us to nature.

Nature abhors a disharmony and so mercilessly punish people for disobeying their laws. Hence the crisis of society, culture and morality. And since everything in nature is interconnected, and man is part of the system here should be sought and the reason for more frequent natural disasters and impending ecological disaster. As he wrote Academician Vernadsky “You can not with impunity go against the principle of unity of all people as a law of nature.” “Humanity is taken as a whole, is becoming a powerful geological force. And before him, in front of his thought and work, is the question of restructuring of biosphere in the interests of free-thinking humanity as a whole. ” On the threshold The global correction process of restructuring, which is described by Vernadsky, you can call fix – fix egotistical approach based on the principle “all for themselves” on the altruistic – one with we encounter in the natural environment that exists on the principle “all for the sake of passing.” In contrast to the still, vegetative, animal and even the world man has consciousness and choice. It was a conscious choice to change himself, subordinating their basic law of nature of altruism – that is what all the insistent demands of us the logic of the universe. We are at the point of creation, when further delay will be cause new troubles and disasters at various levels. If, however, we realized the need for justice and the way we want to fix yourself and become part of global harmony, eternity ahead of us, perfection, goodness and love.