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Germany Dies

Paul the Octopus, who shot to fame last championship World Cup by their perfect record in predicting game results, has died peacefully while he slept on the night of October 25 Monday in his aquarium in Germany. It seems that they have died peacefully during the night, of natural causes, said Sea Life Manager Stefan Porwoll, place where it was this characteristic marine animal months ago. This German Directors also stated that its success turned it into a story bigger World Cup same Aquarium have had all the natural conditions for its growth, it was never bad and now that is gone will miss him less. To remind a little of what has been done the past soccer World Cup by the Octopus Paul beat the odds on the World Cup through the correct forecast of eight parties which was asked to predict the outcome, including the victory by Spanish football on Holland 1-0 in the final. For the prediction, is they placed two boxes in the aquarium in the Octopus, each of them with a mussel in its interior and a flag of the two teams to face. Paul put his head in a box, he used a key to open the lid and eat the snack inside, the box in which he stood was considered as the likely winner.

His astonishing ability made him a global media phenomenon. Their predictions were later transmitted live through the channels of news across Germany and some parts of the world. At the time after his death, more than 150 messages of condolence were published on the official website of the Octopus Paul on Facebook. The eight-legged Oracle became a new social media superstar for his skills, but, naturally, after an altercation with fans whose teams he does not bet. He was beaten by the British press as a traitor after his prediction for Germany by beating their country of origin, a prediction that was made promptly, 4-1. Then He fell out of the game with German fans who threatened to become sushi after he correctly predicted the defeat in the semi-finals of the selection of Germany against Spain. A wounded by the betrayal of Paul village, in Berlin sang songs anti-pulpo.

On the other hand, nothing less than a strong authority as Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero, asked a bodyguard for Octopus. And the Spanish Minister of industry, Miguel Sebastian, requested that the creature be provided him an immediate free transfer to Spain to ensure their protection. But Paul fans need not despair too much by his death. The Aquarium State preparing a successor, to be called Paul, just as his mentor. The body of Paul lies in cold storage, while the Aquarium decides the best way to mark their passage.