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Speed Cruiser

Fast and long range, suitable for beginners and sure, plenty of space in the Interior and good visibility, unbeatably cheap to purchase and maintenance. Who compares traffic density of street space and air space, can find combined speed Cruiser between airline and passenger cars for many reasons in the SC07 all benefits. In the air is more space and a cruise speed of 230 km/h is normal. The V + AG participates in GmbH & co. Fund 2 KG to 10.34% 1 of B.O.T. aircraft 2 succeeded the manufacturer, to build an ultralight at the price of a sedan that shines according to test pilot of the press through a very good and good-natured flight behaviour. Depending on the equipment, it weighs from 294 kg and in already has a rescue system, which certainly brings back the entire aircraft by parachute in the event of a serious technical fault to Earth. The system can be operated up to a speed of 300 km / h by Junkers Profly (model Magnum Lightspeed soft pack) and takes four seconds to get to open completely.

The reach of about 1,200 km with the 87 liter fuel tank means uses a flight duration of about six to seven hours. The journey by car to a small airport is possible without the long and laborious procedures of transport airport, which again given the benefits of a high cruising speed at distances of less than 1000 km. The passenger or the pilot of the SC07 speed Cruiser, however, moves in its catchment area very flexibly and is free from the constraints of road traffic and a traffic airport. Added value due to the special concept of the SC07 speed Cruiser appropriate insurances are offered cheaper. Not only as a tourist plane it is suitable, but also as a tow plane for gliders or recreational flying and training aircraft, because all controls are carried out twice.