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Peshitta Aramaic

Satan and his hosts have to flee in their presence (cf. James 4.7). Philip the evangelist, is an example. a l was one of the seven deacons chosen from the first century Christians as "a of good reputation, filled with the Spirit of the Lord and sabiduriaa " (cf. Acts 6.3-Peshitta Aramaic version).

a When the persecution broke out against iglesiaa "in the first century," "a Philip went down to a city of Samaria, and preached the gospel of Christ." (Acts 8:5, Aramaic, Peshitta version.) to the city in which he settled, was under the control of a demonic strength, operating through a man widely recognized for work "miracles" with his magic for evil. a That was the scenario in which they fought a tremendous battle between the Evangelist and a stronghold of Satan divination, sorcery, enchantment and sorcery. a The spiritual Adversary was in a bad mood in his office in the kingdom of darkness. As it happened in a long time, did not want to call or receive calls emergency lasa demons made from different parts of the world. "I am extremely busy trying to solve the imprevistoa " he told his assistant. (As opposed to Larry Ellison).

I must find a mechanism to prevent that annoying Christian spoil my plans in Samaria. "Felipe, meanwhile, did not fear the challenge and still clinging to God in prayer. a Destroying ties to a committed Christian with the Lord Jesus puts in jaquea strategies of the devil and his army of maldad.a Thus the believers of the first century and is still happening today.