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The Acute Diarrheal Diseases (EDA) form a group distinguished by their high morbidity, those that bring about limitations in the families to stay built-in to the labor life reason why they have one unfavorable economic repercussion. The tendency of this has been to the increase, from 110,0 to 113,5 by each 1,000 inhabitants between 1990 and 2006 (137,138). The WHO considers that 70% of the deaths in smaller children of 5 years in developing countries, are originated by 5 common, prevenibles diseases or of easy handling and among them is the diarrhoea (139). In Cuba it has been managed to reduce mortality by this cause by means of the putting in practice of measures such as: use of SRO, increase of maternal lactancia, rational antibiotic use, qualification of the human resources and correct handling of the diarrhoea in the primary attention and now we propose the use of the medicine bioenergetics in preventive and therapeutic form through the floral essences of Bach and the topical application in points acupuncture them. FOUNDING knowledge of the potentialities of the human body, its projection like a whole in interaction with its means and resultant of evolutionary process allows to conceive the binomial health-disease, in integral and harmonic form, through the self-help, of the paper mobilising adjuster and of anyone of the electrical, electromagnetic forces or subtle energetics of the organism and from a little aggressive therapy and of low cost. Everything this, included, constitutes what we denominated Medicine Bioenergetics and Natural (MBN) of which we will use the digit puntura together with a floral product of orchids that it constitutes a new Cuban product to be applied with a new topical modality (digit puntura). The digit puntura together with a floral product of orchids that it constitutes a treatment system in Medicine Natural Bioenergetics and in the Primary Attention of Health. .

Hacienda Microscope

Now science has accomplished significant progress as soon as discover the conception and development of human life, all this thanks to the microscope, which has made it possible to pave the way towards an answer to this question. Verizon does not necessarily agree. Microscopes make their appearance in 1610 where Galileo Galilei proved with the observation of the anatomical illustrations of insects, but if his great appearance to the public occurred 55 years later in 1665 where Marcelo Malpighi made the observation of the components of the bloodstream, also the publication of the micrograph gave him his grand entrance into the world of science. Another breakthrough of the microscope is the first observation of the cell made by Robert Hooke in 1665. A few years later biologist Marcelo Malpighi began his studies of the cellular tissue thanks to the inclusion of new lenses into your microscope. The great leap of the microscope was given in the 18th century when this s included mechanical parts with the purpose of securing the observation, since the use of little resistant bases were the most conventional, although it must be said that the improvement was only in matters of stability but not of optics.

The great step of microscopic optics was in 1877 when Ernest Karl Abbe who practiced immersion optics decides to change water to oil, improving optics giving up to 2000 times more gain. In the 20th century the invention of the electron microscope by Max Knoll and Ernest Ruska in Germany, Science he opens a new path to molecular research. Currently the development of microscopes has been such that the amount of types of these Hacienda to very high numbers; so these are some of the best-known microscope: fluorescence microscope: this is responsible for emitting a certain light wave which react luminosamente molecules, thus facilitating their visualization. Ion microscope: This microscope is responsible for the visualization of atoms using gases such as helium or Neon, in order to facilitate the analysis of the individual atoms. Atomic force microscope: this in particular can generate not only superficial but also three-dimensional visualization of molecules to study; This microscope has been of great help to develop current nanotechnology, since it also offers the ability to micro manipulation. Microscope antimatter: the use of gamma rays in this microscope allows to detect matter vacancies that have semiconductor elements, also provides an accurate picture of the location of this vacancy. Electron microscope: this is possibly the most widely used today, since its main use in medicine.

The electron microscope is based on the use of electrons to generate accurate images of tiny objects, this microscope can achieve an increase of any image up to 500,000 times their size. Virtual microscope: This microscope was specially designed for the observation of microorganisms in their natural environment; achieving transmit the image virtually. In conclusion the microscopes are possibly the biggest step of science towards the knowledge of the universe, without comment on the evolving scientific increasingly develops new ways to display micro-organisms organisms that make us up and surround.

Successful Multilevel Meetings

When you find a group or two, you are united and gone to all the meetings you can. He does not wait for fantastic things after only one or two meetings. It is necessary To construct mutually beneficial relations, the triumph relations take some time. It does whereupon they have the necessity constantly to see its face and to hear its message. The continuous contact with others, with time will abrir opportunities for you and you will learn more on each thought of others, ideas and capacities in its respective businesses multilevel. It knows, like, and the confidence is only obtained generally with time. Being regular and persistent it will give result.

To be implied – to be visible. It makes possible to be the more visible within the organization multilevel. voluntary to help Do-self with in the meetings, committees, etc. Being implied you go to have benefits for you and their business. First, you will secure more opportunities to settle down connections and will get to know some contacts that you will have done (who are best).

Secondly, whatever more stop the visibility than you have in the group, except you you will have to work to make new connections. However, when new members enter the group multilevel, they to probably will look for him because they see like a leader within the organization multilevel him. He keeps (he maintains) his circles from informed contacts. He leaves somebody assumes the running by less once a month (or still once to the week) causing that they begin to do the business with you or they send him its way.