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Planning and Organization This is usually a written documentation detailed all the basic premises and necessary to reach the goals and objectives raised by the creators of the project or business. It does not matter if one is a company integrated by a person or one hundred, but an effective, clear and direct presentation would help you to establish your identity and platform. Planning of Marketing (kit basic) Written Documentation. I. Everything about your company: Date of beginning, lease, contact, name of the founders and managers, a clear message about your intentions and mission. II.

Everything about your products: Name, function, description of the details that make it unique, quality level and your beliefs of the utility of the product. III. Everything about the intentions: A separated document writes detailing the direction of your mission. The goals. The needs and the motivations. It writes of simple and clear form the existence of the company, the ideas and visions.

IV. Everything about your clients: It files the notes and messages written that your clients did and compiles testimonies written, audio and videos. To broaden your perception, visit Southwest Airlines. V. Everything about the press: It also files all the documents and articles written about your company. I SAW. Everything about the image: Ten to good disposition quality of photos as much as of the founders, the managers and member of the company, like also of the lease and the product. Printed and Electronic photos. It as much maintains copies of these documents in file as exposed in your situated Web, blog, or any social means. This would help you to attract new clients, investors, partners. It exposes intentions and quality on watch. Communication the communication is one of the main elements of marketing, and it is possible to be done of different ways like: printed in pamphlets, to brochurer, magazines, newspapers, posters, signboards, etc., also you dare of the radio and television, or it is possible to be done electronically in social means in Internet. The goal is always the same. Like capturing the attention of the market and to mark your identity on the communities. To focus the necessary attention to the learning of the efficient communication, would help you to express your ideas of one more a more eloquent way and to arrive at the masses with a more direct message finally to attract your networks the suitable people. It always remembers that the best signallers obtain the majors performance. Relations I am surprised that nowadays nobody has invented the term Marke/laciones or Market/lationship. If marketing is everything about polishing, developing, to increase, to implement, to cultivate, to construct and to solidify RELATIONS. The best council than really I can give you in this moment is: it thinks, it acts and it creates exactly like the person who you want to work and to attract your networks. It bases all tactics and strategies to arrive at your communities with a direct, clear and important message, that it reflects your more recondite intentions with the main and crucial intention to generate the confidence of your networks and to solidify your RELATIONS. This it is the method more effective than it exists that I know to mark your identity and to marketear absolutely everything. At the end of the day marketing he is everything approaches to know how how to communicate what you must to offer and to increase your social relations.

Good Web Site

You are it image and similarity of your Web site. It is a summary of his person. We say, it represents that it. Its aspect can take it to the success or the failure in the sale that sets out. Many are the Web sites that they attract million visitors who remain, that they buy and that returns time and time again. So that its Web site obtains that this happens is necessary to take into account many factors; among them: the design must be most professional than it can, happening through the aspect that confidence, the use of the colors with harmony generates, the suitable commercial strategy, the fast unfolding of the page in himself and the use of the key words will take that it to their niche of market.

We suppose an example. We visit two fruteras, in where the first sample the products of hygienic and organized form. Its personnel is amiable, are smiling and clean in its clothes. And second frutera, however, we observed that they are not the ordered products and without good presence. And to make matters worse, it is taken care of by little friendly a sweaty and untidy person and in addition. Then, it is obvious in which of the two fruteras we will make our purchases.

Of equal way it passes with our Web site. We have done if it with an impeccable, friendly presence and that she generates confidence, and if the people who arrive there belong to niche of market adapted to our products and services that we promoted, I assure to him that they will remain the necessary time and more likely they buy what sells. This is a reflection of that are You, who you are its product. It is necessary to be reflected like a great professional in his Web site, and why no? , like an expert in its niche of market. Its Web site is the unique contact with its potential clients. It must be a friendly contact. It must create an atmosphere of confidence and able to please them so that they wish to remain and to buy, and what is more important, to obtain than they return time and time again. You must work and set out that the business is repetitive. This can be transformed briefly: its Web site can take it to the success or to the failure of the sale that sets out.