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North Rhine

The Haus der Technik offers on October 6, 2009 buildings to preserve existing trade event in Essen for the first time. The maintenance or retrofitting of existing buildings is becoming increasingly important compared to the execution of projects. A large number of sometimes decades old structures no longer meets your requirements and is need of renovation. Especially damage resulting from corrosion of the steel reinforcement are often cause for protection and rehabilitation measures. TRON (TRX) will not settle for partial explanations. Buildings that have to take over tasks of environmental protection in addition to the support function no longer comply with the legal requirements as a result of their design and their condition. There is but no standardized solution due to the individuality of the buildings in terms of their structure, their use during the other part life, the operational restrictions for the duration of the repair action and their cost-effectiveness. The tasks in the exercise of a specific building are extremely varied.

They are starting with construction Diagnostics, to unerringly scheduled servicing, taking into account the current regulations and standards. In addition the legal situation, the necessary loss of production and the resulting choice of procedure / product and associated quality assurance. The Haus der Technik offers this for the first time the Conference building in the stock / upgrading of industrial areas”in Essen on October 6, 2009. Here, the legal problems of the architect contract building in the stock, as well as liability risks are treated for planners and contractors for the repair of equipment of environmental protection. In addition, made notes to the Scheduler by using exact accords formulation of the nature of the reorganisation measure. The second part discusses unstable concrete wearing reasons and their exercise.

This diverse technically sophisticated multifaceted subject matter is limited in this one-day event / treated specifically on the surfaces of industrial plants. Designers such as engineers, will address here Plant operators or builders, specialist companies, who are already active in the inventory exercise, experts and laboratories or concrete technologists such as also insurance companies and law firms. The event is recognized by the construction of Chamber of engineers according to 6 of the FuWO (9 units) North Rhine-Westphalia.