Strong CRM Function

The quickest way of to new, correct address. That capture new addresses is the first step to new customers, and thus a lost and found for the success. Unfortunately is in practice the correct transfer or even touch off an annoying and time-consuming work, the often duplicate addresses causes and in the worst case, not even made. That there is another way MAXCRM shows an innovative new feature. Just the data in the Clipboard copy and paste in the CRM as finished, address. Everything is done in 5 clicks. Here, the data is even formatted, cleaned up and checked for duplicate records (duplicates). No matter whether from a website, an email signature, an online telephone book a vCard or else where faster and more effectively can you not collect addresses or a small audience in a CRM system.

In how the data are formatted, or what content is given it almost doesn’t matter. It is already very amazing how effectively unstructured or insufficient output data recognized and automatically completes. And exactly this Flexibility brings means productivity and a real time saver. A real comfort function for every user and every day. Faster, more comfortable and quality you can’t get to new addresses. More information about the options on marketing.htm MAXCRM is a professional customer relationship management (CRM) software that specifically takes care of relations with customers and prospects. MAXCRM makes understandable business contacts and activities related projects and customers, more credible. MAXCRM. Productivity in the business. MAXCRM.