Stefan Berker

For guitars, basses, keyboards, pianos and wind instruments the study books contain specially on the instrument-related notes. Generally, the course is however suitable for all musical instruments. In addition, you can participate global jazz academy Berlin on a five-day workshop as students in the. The participants can learn practical under the guidance of professional music teachers as you play free. The workshops individually related to the participants take place in small groups. Mainly involves in the workshops the instrumental lessons, playing in a band and rhythmic exercises. But most importantly, to the fun of musical improvisation. In addition, an online study centre is open to the course members.

In it, participants in contact can occur with remote teachers or chatting with other interact (E.g. via their development as musicians.) The course was developed by a renowned author of course. Stefan Berker is not only a famous musician, but also a successful Remote teacher and author. He was inspired by a jazz course, in which he participated himself long ago. And, although he was quite new to the music.

The course led him eventually to reinvent the music teaching way. Stefan Berker wrote books on music distance-learning and founded the jazz school in Berlin, which later was the global jazz academy. Today, he leads them. The experiences which daily collects Stefan Berker as a musician, music teacher, composer, help him with his work for the development of teaching materials and make him the ideal author of this turn. He and his team take care of the participants during the course as a distance teacher. “The distance learning course music rock & pop” is so maintained by highly qualified and experienced teachers, who accompany the participants during the whole period of the course and is not as costly as individual lessons in the school of music. Moreover, it is possible to decided how much time one wants to invest a week.