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In fact the success of modern antidepressants (particularly fluoxetine, better known by one of its trade names: Prozac, and renamed as the happiness pill) has reinforced the myth of the drug of the Western society of the 20th century. The modern official medicine considers any mood disorder that decrease in performance in work or limit normal vital activity, irrespective of whether their cause is or not known, as a disorder worthy of attention likely to be treated with pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy and medical. For more information see Scott Kahan. Specifically States, who initially called melancholy (classical Greek?) black and? Bile) and often confused with it, depression (of the) Latin depressus, abatement) is one of the oldest psychiatric disorders for which there is evidence. Their presence is evident throughout history through the writings and works of art, but also long before the birth of the medical specialty of Psychiatry, is known and cataloged by the main medical treaties of antiquity adds Wikipedia in his analysis, which can be found descriptions of melancholy and its symptoms in many literary and medical records of humanity, although the classical Greek culture is the first to explicitly address this disorder of the mind, without resorting to metaphors or literary descriptions. The Greek medical model based on hereditary variations whose influence determined that of the appearance of different diseases. The predominance or imbalance of one humor about others could explain a temperament, according to the theory proposed by Hippocrates, but also the emergence of different diseases; following that model, the possible temperaments were the blood, the choleric, the melancholy and the phlegmatic.

The temperament (temperamentum, measure) is unique and individual intensity of psychical affections and dominant structure of mood and motivation; It is the individually react to environmental stimuli. The choleric is quick, very active, practical decisions, self-sufficient and mostly independent. He is considered that it is very determined, firm and resolute in their views, and gets angry easily.