Science Experiences

Summary: Present article is fruit of our reflection that in sample as to work contents of Sciences to pupils of series initial of education basic, as well as, to think thus it can contribute to extend our critical capacity on the reality that we live, using to advantage the natural curiosity of the pupils in the wakening of the interest for Sciences. Inside of this perspective, stimulating them to appropriate it the scientific concepts, understanding methods of production of this knowledge through practised, investigated experiences and you execute in classrooms in a school of the city of Garanhuns FOOT. Having as objective, to propitiate to the pupils an understanding regarding the basic concepts through the experiences/experiments in which we use in the lessons. On the basis of this, we make a exclamao through yes, is possible to develop activities of sciences without having a laboratory, becoming the lessons most dynamic and contextualizadas, making a relation with the world where it lives. To finish, critical and suggestions of the academic colleagues, professors and pupils will be well-accepted, we understand therefore them as subsidies to perfect our proposal of education, focando experiences lived deeply for us and pupils through the diverse contents that the education of Science makes possible for all we. Word-keys: Experimental activities Classroom – Education of Sciences Pupil Knowledge.