Red Wine Of The Grape Tannat – The Body Good Do

Known only the best for me and my health so far almost exclusively as an insider tip among wine connoisseurs, the special vine draws our attention more and more on themselves. Tannat is red wine. Tannat provides a deep dark, extremely durable, tannin – and poly phenol-rich red wine that can be marketed at the earliest 12 months barrel storage. The wine delivers the main active constituents of Procyanidin, OPC (Oligomeric proanthocyanidin) and Resveratrol, which belong to a sub-group of the polyphenols. These substances are proven beneficial for the health. The vine will be grown especially in their area of origin Sudwestfrankfreich and here the appellation of Madiran.

The vineyards with almost 1,400 hectares of vineyards the Tannat wine discharge seht are planted from the mainly with the variety. An interesting research about 100th incidentally revealed that especially the Southwest French have an exceptionally long life expectancy and on cardiovascular disease and cancer suffer much less in the Pan-European comparison. Whether Tannat here a greater role plays? This is not yet been researched, however, since the publication of the research results by Roger Corder in the science journal nature (band 444, page 566), Tannat is as healthy”red wine at all! The red wine in moderation and not in bulk in the remove not taboo, brings a positive side effect with it. Scientists even suspect that alcohol converts to calories not fat, but heat and at the famous Mediterranean diet with Mediterranean diet, which is in turn healthy heart and body, also like a glass of red wine is on the agenda. Nothing in the way these prospects now probably is a slowly but surely approaching winter cozy evenings with a glass of red wine.

Our wineries Brumont, Domaine Sergent and Domaine de Grabieou located in the small village Maumusson Laguian, in the Department of Gers in the heart of Madiran. There live only about 160 residents, whose living is characterized by the wine-growing. The beautiful vineyards are at an altitude of about 200 yards, this exposed to more UV light and this promotes the production of polyphenols and Resveratrol, the natural antiseptic of the grape has been proven. The temperature differences between day and night, especially in the late summer and autumn, are very extreme. This contributes to the formation of diverse content, aroma and flavors in the grapes. Each of the wineries for themselves is very interesting and hides his own beautiful story about there but again to write enough for an own article. Our newly discovered Winery, Domaine de Grabieou family business is run by two brothers Rene and Frederic Dessans and we are currently the sole provider in Germany with two of its wines. With Tannat wines you can rely on to do something good for your health and healthy to lose weight. Note: there is a 5% try coupon valid until December 31, 2011, coupon code: c1cf23. Just enter the code when ordering. About BestVita with BestVita Woods and Michael result in Katja Gehrmann from the Hessian Hochtaunusort Friedrichsdorf a webshop with health-enhancing products for the conscious people of today. “Their goal is to support, and true to the motto their customers maintain their health, their most valuable goods only the best”. More information at. Press contact BestVita wife Katja Woods of Dillinger Strasse 39a 61381 Czemins village Tel. 06172 26584-88 fax 06172 26584-89 E-Mail: