R.Y.S. (rent Your Site) The Web Industry In Motion Brings

Resourceful Swiss Web Developer with a new business model for company founder Cham, Switzerland 07.01.2008 – a new kind of Internet development, so the advertising of the company Partner4Web.com. On closer inspection, it is a tempting offer of what is offered there. The range of the Web developers of Partner4Web.com ranges from consulting to the individual development of websites. This is nothing special the interested visitors to the site will think until he discovered that what the operator as a new kind of”call, namely the payment of development costs. Partner4Web.com rents out the development costs the customer charge, this is actually something new. The customer has the possibility to decide at the end of the contract (in project delivery), whether he paid his Bill, or use of the interest-free rental offer.

The offer is particularly suited to company founder, here avoided the initial investment can be what turns out in the balance sheet of a new Foundation as positive. Also new entrants in the Internet, which first of all want to wait whether your Web shop also as planned yields profits, can relieve their calculation of high initial investments. The company that is located in Switzerland, hopes to win the market of for SMEs and start-ups as future customers with the marketing concept. Absolute transparency is important to the Swiss startups, for this reason also the hourly rates are (very cheap by the currently favourable Swiss francs) on the Web pages of the Web makers”called.