Professional Translators

Profession of an interpreter in our country is widespread only in the last twenty years – twenty-five. After the fall of the Iron Curtain began to establish cultural, economic, and especially business relations with foreign countries, it took specialists, professional multi-lingual – that were the translators, so we can say that the profession in our country is still quite young. On this profession we do not have the same clear understanding of how such a profession or a doctor, sometimes a professional interpreter in humans consists wrong Repose. Following are the most basic myths about the profession interpreter. 1. Anyone can translate, it is important to him to know a foreign language. We can not agree, but it is rather a basic level of translation. For example, book a hotel room, or to explain to airport that you can not find my baggage – for that many translators do not need.

But if you need a translation of the contract or instructions, a task where the interpreter will not only understanding the meaning of the original, but its details, besides, and an excellent command of the language, which translated the original. That such transfers remain until the task for professional translators and translation agencies. 2. Interpreters are becoming less demand, many people speak a foreign language. Certainly, the number of people studying foreign languages is growing. Even in most schools, children learn two foreign languages. But also increases the number international contacts and the associated paperwork. In recent years there has been a tendency of growth of remittances, both written and oral.