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Practical and free guide about the wedding. Here, brides and grooms will find helpful tips and tricks for the planning of the own wedding celebration. DJ Sound4Light – DJ Munich agency service has now a guide around the theme wedding put online. The practical guide covers many topics that bring to the success of the planning and implementation of own wedding. The tips and hints have emerged from the experiences of many hundred events and therefore fully practical. The Advisor is includes in particular the following topics: – General Tips for the wedding – wedding games – bridal Waltz – wedding locations in addition to very general questions, such as band or DJ, seating arrangements, contact person during the event, Bridal Waltz, dance floor, music wishes, speeches, deposits and games, accommodation, child care, lighting, volume, degree, etc. are also concrete proposals. This includes topics such as wedding and bridal Waltz.

The bridal Waltz is an especially important moment on every wedding celebration. Since all guests look, this should therefore also smoothly work. Many bridal couples still opt for a classic Waltz. More and more brides and grooms the dance but also start with a modern waltz or a very own show, the crazy wedding dance. The page shows multiple videos of crazy wedding dance for the reader to directly get a suggestion.

In addition to the bridal Waltz, many Wedding couples want the typical wedding games. These wedding games are often planned by the guests themselves and carried out. “” “” “” Some examples are: partner test “, Wade rates”, get this and that “who knows you your guests”, weekly post for the bride and groom “, dance compulsion”. All games are described in detail, so that it is easy to show this at our own wedding or to bring guests for the bride and groom. The partner test is particularly popular. In this game is the couple back to back on two different chairs. Both participants have to take off your shoes, and each shoe game partner To give. Now, any questions can be asked and the bride and groom must answer with the respective shoe. The answer involves the groom, his shoe is upheld. The bride of the correct answer is concerned, the shoe of the bride is kept high. Wade counseling also is a game that always spontaneously and without preparation can be carried. Only a Chair is required. Several gentlemen roll up your pant legs up and support her leg in any order on a Chair. “The bride must now feel blindfolded what Wade is, that they just got married” has. All games can and you should of course always individually vote at each event. It is a DJ of course also possible directly to book wedding Sound4Light DJ Munchen Munich service to transfer the experience of the DJs directly at his own event. Contact: Sound4Light – DJ Munich service Patrick Schlosser Maria-Montessori-str. 43 81829 Munich