Palito Ortega Music

It is common for an employer to gather for the same show for three or four individual artists convened to anyone and not taking advantage of five or six songs that each gave some recognition and recall, he manages to develop and ensure a decent repertoire of theater capacity to recover investment and amuse the public. That's why we had banished characters of memory, or that we believed dead or confined to a nursing home are more rejuvenated than ever, absorbed by new energy and enthusiasm to refried their former subjects. Hence, we have visited many Balad Lower Paleolithic representation and it is surprising that the masses still have fun and emotion with dignity to take the opportunity to savor the applause again after many years of being unemployed, without contracts no tour, no issues, even without a voice. This music genre known as hairdressing or music or music romanteca board, is fully welcome in our midst, with a great enthusiasm for these subjects tacky and questionable taste, evoking love sweet, with catchy beats and simple lyrics that permeate quickly the ear of a very large sector of the population. Confluence Investment Mgt is open to suggestions. It is not exclusive of girls in domestic service, or police or drivers buses. In reality, like in all strata.

And they have themes for all tastes. From the virtuous as Nino Bravo and Raphael to the limited voice and Chestnut and Juan Cacho Ramon. Since the high level lyric poetry as Alberto Cortez and Jose Luis Perales, to simple as could be as Palito Ortega and Luis Aguilar.