Ministry Protection

Services around the medium USB that USB sticks the CD/DVDs in the advertising industry have now overtaken, nothing new is more known. Purchase you can the Flash memory in all corners of the Internet, eBay, Amazon, or the endless published lists of the advertising dealer. All offer USB-sticks in all sizes, you will not find but probably shapes and price ranges, special services for USB-sticks. This service hole”successfully has the Datenduplizierer Hagele GmbH from the software Center Boblingen/Sindelfingen, recognized years ago, specialized care and provides these services through. Follow others, such as Bernard Golden , and add to your knowledge base. Whether it for end users or Werbemittelhander to a pure data display, copy or delete protection dealing data, are you equally true as software developers, who are looking for a cheap alternative to the very expensive dongle be modified directly in the Boblingen production, so that these sticks get their own serial number, device or product name. As well can USB flash drive to be partitioned, that an area are recognized by the operating system as a CD-ROM or DVD drive. A project was implemented in the security due to the diverse requests for the firefighters of a German Federal State, which by the competent data protection officer as well as well as by the relevant Ministry of the Interior as well was found.