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Even if the visitor does not use this information, he will know that at any time to contact you. And this is a very strong effect on trust. Step # 8. Be careful design. Try to design your site was carried out very carefully and tastefully. This, again, a very strong influence on trust. Design your website from the first seconds to win over a visitor to continue to be on it at any time.

Your site does not have to remind most of those sites that are located on No yellow font on an orange background, etc. Your site must be done carefully and tasteful. Perhaps that is what creates trust. Step # 9.

Put your site only to paid hosting. No comments. If you count the fact that you have really lived, then a paid hosting and second-level domain – The first thing you should ensure your site. Step # 10. Check your site for errors. Typos, broken links – this is what should not be on your pages. These little things are always annoying. This also applies to the spelling of punctuation. If you’re a solid company and you have the site has grammatical errors, it will immediately cause a distrust or suspicion. Check text for errors manually using Microsoft Word or entrust the matter to man, with good knowledge of Russian. Step # 11. Offer a money back guarantee. You can say that if a client is dissatisfied with the product, you’ll bring him back to full value.