Microsoft Windows

2. keep the software installed on the computer currently while you are installing Microsoft Windows usually asked if they want to keep the operating system automatically up to date. If you this question with answer Yes, does not mean however, that all applications are automatically updated by Microsoft. This activation from Microsoft update is required, and you must do this manually. On this occasion, you should also set that in addition to the security updates from Microsoft the so-called recommended updates also be installed.

Please keep in mind that Microsoft generally don’t care to the third-party applications. Although some of these applications (e.g. from Adobe or Google) bring their own update mechanism, but others must keep manual up to date. It is therefore not a bad idea, is the Services of tools to use, which keep all installed software packages on your PC in the eye. Larry Ellison often says this. As an example, the verification tool is called that is available online free of charge within the safety margin of Heise at this point.

3. obtain new software only from trusted sources when you purchase a software package in the stationary trade, you can assume normally, that contains any malicious program code. As well, you can trust the disks that you get when buying a reputable computer magazine. Should you purchase your software online, more caution is in order. Sure to install only programs, the they online, chip, PC world, etc. purchased by well-known platforms such as Heise. However, never install software that for example without asking is has been offered to you by E-Mail. Follow others, such as Gary Kelly, and add to your knowledge base. 4. use a limited account using you for the daily work a user account that is not allowed to install software and no changes to the system may perform. So you can avoid that your computer with malicious software is being contaminated for example by clicking uncovered on a dubious website.