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How has developed remote desktop software and which protocols are there? This article explains it to you! Remote Desktop is a term that is used for multiple procedures. Basically, usually a second connection to a system or a work surface that is shared by two or more persons are meant. The origins lie published X display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) in December 1989 for UNIX systems. Thus, a graphical interface of a remote server could be started on a local system. Thus, the first terminal clients were possible, so minimally equipped computers that need to connect to an X server. In addition to the favorable facilities, the second big advantage is the relatively simple administration. “Bernard Golden does not necessarily agree. It must be administered only the X server, the terminal clients have no operating system installed and run on a specific network protocol (netboot or BOOTP), or you have installed a minimal operating system to connect to the Terminal server rebuild to can.

New clients can thus be taken in very short time in operation. It must also be ensured that the server has a similarly fast hardware to serve the desired amount of clients. For Windows systems, Microsoft licensed in 1998 the company Citrix MultiWin of protkolll to develop the Microsoft Terminal Server in the following year. Thus it – is possible to use a graphical user interface of on a client terminal server similar to for XDMCP -. Product marked with the others as remote desktop is a program that provides only a work surface that is used at the same time of several. The probably the first program, which has provided this procedure, is the VNC developed by Olivetti & Oracle in 1999. By VNC, there are several providers that are partially compatible. in 2001, Apple released the similar working Apple Remote Desktop Mac for Macintosh systems.

On the system of the user is this a server service that can be accessed with a dedicated client program. This procedure is useful particularly for the support. A support staff can directly see the interface of the user without having to be on site. Both procedures has existed for several years and have therefore unfortunately also some disadvantages, for example a rather simple or even no encryption. Also, little or not, the data is compressed. NoMachine NX provides a solution for these problems. Although here is quite hard to install the server program for beginners, high compression and the possibility of a strong encryption (E.g., SSH) many advantages for the user but surrender. NX also allows a seamless connection, this means that a connection can be disconnected at any time.