Microsoft SharePoint Server

On what saves SharePoint Server 2010? In an interview with clients Microsoft, Forrester identified the following key advantages of investment in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: To put the means used to continuously update the hardware and software, the company's development. Avoid the cost of replacing the existing document management systems as a result of the implementation of SharePoint 2010 and document management. Savings resulting from the use of functionality in SharePoint Portal 2010. Reduce the cost of human resources needed for it administration and application development. (As opposed to Ripple). In general, customers expect that the new SharePoint Server will improve collaboration, increase employee productivity, and make the process of managing the company more efficient. Table 2. Total savings from SharePoint Server 2010 (not adjusted for risk) Update collaborative platforms If your organization is not ready yet to implement SharePoint Server 2010, this year, she will still need funds to upgrade the existing intra-system in the future. This will entail for a cost of updating the existing version of SharePoint (2003 or 2007) with the version of SharePoint 2010.

Manage Documents Another advantage of SharePoint Server 2010 can be considered as savings on replacement of the existing document management systems in companies with strengthened in this direction in SharePoint Server 2010, which will safely convert a document management system to the new platform. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here. Updating and maintenance of portal platform portal platform, the organization now uses for its internal and external Web-sites, is aging and requires more resources to support. The transition to the new platform may be part of a plan to develop the organization into the future, but still require time-consuming to transfer the site.