Microorganisms In Intestines

This increases the chance that a larger number of live microorganisms in the intestines will fall and will have positive exposure. Group lactic acids is not uniform in their morphological characteristics. Most used yogurt bacterial cultures – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Certain probiotic cultures are enriched with extra addition of Lactobacillus acidophilus or casei. But not so optimistic: some lactic acid bacteria are killed by lactic acid (by themselves and produced) back in the jar.

Other strains reach the colon, in spite of the very acidic environment in the stomach, bile salts and proteolytic enzymes in the small intestine. A prerequisite is the completion of the probiotic organisms through the stomach and small intestine. In the cases of certain bacteria is confirmed. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. But studies show that they enter into the colon bacteria briefly included in an extremely stable eco-system of the intestine. It is not yet clear, whether externally added lactic acid bacteria for long-term change gut flora and a number of microorganisms and probiotic food products necessary for the health effect. The future of functional foods Does it make sense functional Food? Food industry is booming.

More and more of these new products come on the functional food market. Creation of new food products with health action already far advanced in Asia and the U.S.. In Japan, the only country with a special law on functional foods, there are, among others, against soups circulatory disorders, myocardial infarction against the chocolate and beer against the destruction of cells. The U.S. also very common functional food, which is actively promoted. In Germany, banned advertising of foodstuffs therapeutic effect, slowing the market of functional foods. Thus, with Legally, many functional food products are currently in the zone between drugs and foods. They can be attributed to food, diet foods or medicines in depending on whether – what the study will order manufacturers of functional foods. No doubt many substances that are part of functional food products do have value for body properties. However, producers need to be more attentive to the composition of these products, because the substances may occur between complex interdependence. For example, omega-3 have healthy properties and protect against cardiovascular disease only when they are combined with vitamin E. In the isolated form, they lose their effectiveness in part or not at all assimilated organism. Functional food is not harmful to health, and aims to improve it. However, should an unambiguous definition of this concept, safety control and maintenance of advertising slogans. Production with the desired effect should not be stopped from the beginning. Adverse developments should be identified promptly and strictly regulated by law. Under such conditions we can expect that future functional food will have a positive impact on the entire population. * Translation of articles from the magazine 'Life science Technologien', N2, 1999