With this set he was possible to establish the communication enters the device of acquisition of data, in the case the PLC, and the computer. Adapting handle USB/Serial: Figure 7: Set of handles TC1761-PM02 and USB/Serial. Description in the way of communication with the PLC MicroLogix 1000. Programmable controllers MicroLogix 1000 supply some options of communication to adaptarem themselves to a variety of applications. Protocol DF1 Full-Duplex allows that the PLC if communicates directly with another device for operation interface. This protocol also is known as point-the-point DF1, and is a very useful tool when communication RS-232 point-the-point is requested. The previous explanation justifies the choice of the group for using this type of communication, Since other existing methods of communication would demand greaters expenses, and this would go to affect the established financial planning at the moment of the research of the equipment and the viabilities of the same ones in the application of the project.

For the communication of developed the applicatory PLC with the supervisory one, the protocol of communication ABDF1 of manufacture of the Rockwell Automation was acquired with the company ELLIPSE SOFTWARE. This it allows the integration of the applicatory ones generated by the Elispe and the equipment of Rockwell that if communicate way RS232, Ethernet, Ethernet-IP. In accordance with the Ellipse Software, so that the system has one better performance is necessary that applicatory the supervisory one only establishes the communication with the equipment of acquisition of data (PLC). Being in such a way necessary to close the applicatory one of development of the diagram Ladder, RSLogix500, and of the applicatory one of RSlinx communication.