PIT GREEN brings you everything on your knees… With its 11.23 cm he is significantly less than Tiger Woods, but regarding power, precision and tactics he is the golf professional in nothing: PIT GREEN, the first manual Microgolfer of the world stands on the tee! The modern relatives of the tip KickFussballers opens a new dimension of the noble sports golfers and non-golfers. Whether in the Office, on the coffee table or at the bar. whether alone or in competition with PIT GREEN passion for golf and design can be everywhere and in many ways living out. With patented technology, coordinated materials and distinctive design, PIT GREEN combines the desire for beauty with the fun of the game. Now, the small PIT GREEN is to the size of the neighborhood! In collaboration with the Superbude.de and the Crossgolf Portal.de the toaster is organized on the 3.10.09 neighborhood tournament CUP. The tournament, which will be between sexy heaven, David guard and nonsense comedy Clubgespielt, is free and anyone can participate. On his knees, the motto will be if the first time is cut off at 15: 00.

The Microgolfer provided and everyone gets from the Vice and / or world champion instruction in the game. At the game stations, the one or the other swing can be practiced also still like before the tournament. At 18 o’clock, the tournament will be played and the “KIEZ CUP KING” will be crowned. After the top 5 students go with some guests in a club to the “secret shoot” 😉 From 23: 00 party with open end in the envy Club it will be shrill. The first 30 tournament participants will receive free admission. More information at, use the term “Toaster” and “Pit Green” nothing to do? No problem, we’ll show you how it’s done. This video shows toaster in perfection: