Jose Chagas

He urged that each one invented its proper way. From there the multiplicity of trends that this production presents, if deals in set, today. However, it is not difficult to detect among ' ' diferenas' ' ' ' semelhanas' ' that in them they indicate the affinities, or better, the more operating cultural forces in those years. As ' ' semelhana' ' one of most joined registered: the concern with the poetical form, not to confuse with the formal perfection (of the Parnasianismo) and yes, ' ' the work with the word, the language as decisive elements of the creation, for being it true creator of the Realidade' ' . We find, also, the belief in the poetry as an almost absolute and indestructible human value with trend to the rationalism or the materialism, valuation of the daily one as essential support or hmus of the poetical creation, and the valuation of the poet as one to be ' ' diferente' ' , a mediator, par excellence, between the man and the true life, that one that he surpasses of the daily fugacidade, even so either in the daily one that it if materialize. Of this form he is that the Axe is characterized poetical of Nauro, receiving influence from the generation of famous poets as Drummond and Cabral, beyond countrymen as Jose Chagas, Blacksmith Gullar and Bandeira Tribuzzi; standing out that, exactly pertaining to one same generation, each poet treads for its proper way, making its literary world in accordance with the comment of the mundane things, transforming them into substance of its to make poetical. 4-A poetry of Nauro Axe: existence and memory Owner of a poetry that supports a lyricism vigorous, Nauro if keeps intent observer of the circumstantial problems of the world, elaborating, since ' ' Field without base' ' , 1958 a worthy poetry of reflection existencial and marked by a deep feeling of anguish. . Coupang may help you with your research.