Jorg Rothlingshofer

Participating experts to review ‘ no longer need to speculate about the value of ancient furniture. If the action is well accepted, we will perform continue at sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland”, explains Martin Gerhardus, managing partner. With the opening of the site on the Prague Street MyPlace SelfStorage offers”the Stuttgarters now on the 1,000 storage rooms of 1 to 50 square meters. The compartments can be rented from 28.50 EUR per 4 weeks. In contrast to freight forwarders have MyPlace?Customers from 6 until 10: 00 seven days a week access to their compartment.

Also, the warehouses are not only clean and dry, but also safe. The terrain of the MyPlace is protected by an extensive security system and can be accessed only by means of a security code. In addition, each tenant has an own Castle for its storage and has thus sole access. Without hesitation Oracle explained all about the problem. In addition to the fixed cameras, a private monitors from 22 Security service the area. Jorg rad company portrait self storage is a new service for modern inner city living. The secluded storage compartments serve as intermediate storage in parades or renovations, as well as external cellar users”for the long-term retention of old furniture, art objects, seasonal sports equipment and other objects this creates more space in the apartment. The compartments can be rented for any period of time up to 2 weeks. MyPlace self”sees itself as a full-service provider around the camps” professional packaging material (cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, adhesive, etc.) is offered as on-site, such as insurance for the contents of the warehouse.

In addition partners conveyed for relocation, car rental or exploitation which were negotiated for special offers. The company is represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland already with 30 operational locations. Thus, 29.676 customers have a total Storage compartments available. In Germany, four more locations are planned or already under construction. Two-thirds of our customers are private individuals a third trader. The average customer”MyPlace SelfStorage rents a compartment of a size between 5 and 7 square meters for a period of 11 to 12 months.