Grugapark Creates A New Highlight

At the beginning of the season: light spectacle in eating green lung premiere at the beginning of the Veranstaltungssaison in the Grugapark: first food green lung in the guise of light presents itself. From 27 March, tens of thousands of lights, countless lights and atmospheric projections turn the trees, bushes, meadows and paths in a romantic light setting. Parking lights”is called the two-week spectacle that starts during the Easter holidays from 19: 00 daily. When the darkness about food lowers, the Spring Awakening in the Grugapark takes on a new dimension: of the Orangery to the Lake, the flowers bloom shining brightly, shrubs come in the Strip look, and trees extend their colourful Crown the evening sky. Like a vast spider’s Web in the morning dew, wafer-thin, luminous glass fibre cords between the branches of the clamp.

The illumination expert Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif (F & H event company, Unna) Insert state of the art lighting technology to achieve fascinating effects. Almost unreal will seen be many visitors”, say knowing the two light artist. “They have sufficient experience, as it fascinates people with light: they advanced Phoenix West in Dortmund in the spotlight and recently had her with light crystals freeze lock Hohenlimburg to an Ice Palace”. Park landscapes seem to have done it Flammersfeld and Hartleif: last year the duo has illuminated the hammer Maxi Park. As a shining example of the Dortmund Westfalen Park went ahead but everything. Here that provided winter lights”in the past four years beyond Dortmund limits also caused a sensation. Now the two are looking for light artist new challenges: Gruga-instead of Westphalia Park. Spring rather than winter. “The Grugapark offers excellent opportunities with its old trees and interesting buildings of varied vegetation, with light creatively to stage the location”, and enjoy the two directors “at the moment when it is called in the Grugapark, lights go out, spot!