Google Adwords Campaigns

If you are using Adwords at your own risk it is possible that you make mistakes that make that your campaigns are not profitable. Here are 7 of the most common mistakes among our customers. 1. Do not monitor conversions: Yes that takes more effort, but it is vital to implement the code in your contact page. So you will know what are the keywords that are put in contact with you. Or if it is to sell a product, on the page after making the purchase. 2.

Geographic theme: companies usually launch their campaigns anunciandose in many countries at the same time. Makes no sense to want to sell in all countries where your product or service has limitations. In addition to divide campaigns by countries, allows you to see in which countries there is more demand. 3. Few key words: how many more keywords used, more options to earn money with your campaign because you will discover new words that are not as competitive, will be cheaper and you diversificaras the risk of using the same few keywords.

4 Wanting to be in position 1: depends on of the market, but usually not profitable to always be in the first position. Many members who clican by impulse in the first announcement that come, come to your website, see what there is for three seconds and go. Not interested in that kind of audience, interested in the audience looking us a little more, perhaps in slightly lower positions. 5. Use only a listing: continuous optimization is used to improve the campaign and rotating two ads at the same time, it will do to improve our ad constantly. We are left with the best conversions have. 6. Use very general keywords: using very general words will make sure users are not interested in your offer. 7 Be clear in the announcement: is not that us clique around the world, is attracting qualified visitors. It must be clear in the notice what we offer if they visit the web and the advantages that has to go to our website. If clican in the announcement because we have not been specific and then they will be, will have paid a click for a visit not interested. They may seem quite simple tips, but many times, we see how the companies that we are engaged as adwords Agency, have these errors in their adwords campaigns. Our interest is the popular adwords because it is a very effective way of finding customers.