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There are numerous people for which the choice of a perfume is very important and we could say, is almost a spiritual or choice of life, by the psychological importance which can have on self-esteem. Normally, when a person is a fragrance that complements your body chemistry well, keeps it between its accessories of lifetime. Women’s perfumes have become almost an extension of the aroma of that person. There are also those who are different perfumes for every season of the year, but still remain two or three perfumes base and others that come and go. Find a specific perfume can be a difficult task the first time it enters a shop of the city of Mexico and is facing a myriad of brands and presentations available.

The imported perfumes business is very competitive, so you must make sure that any secondary factor will influence your choice of the perfect fragrance. Therefore, here are some simple tips that will surely help you. First of all We suggest you limit your search for perfumes thinking kind of smells that you like, because otherwise it will end with dizziness for trying so many options. Prefer floral, Oriental, or citrus aromas? These are the three main categories of perfumes. Floral odors may not be the perfect type for mature women.

In fact, a perfume which is very floral is intended for young women and adolescent girls. Older women, on the other hand, can enjoy the Oriental aromas, and there are many options of perfumes in this category. There are even other fragrances that are suitable for any age group, frequently serving as a psychological support for those using it. If you like this first selection, you may request reports on brands that fall into any of these categories. Another tactic is to use a list of perfumes you find on the Internet or in a magazine. Here, you can also find comments and information from other women who have already used this perfume, what It will allow you to make a better decision. This is easy in cities such as Mexico, D.F., as there are numerous publications that can help you in this. Once you find some perfumes that you like, you will need to prove each smell of them in your body, even if you like the smell of a perfume bottle, you might have a totally different scent when mixed with body chemistry. It’s good idea that you apply a small amount on the wrists, neck or behind the ears, because these are places where there is more heat in the body and aroma will react more quickly. It is necessary to test each scent separately and let stand for a few hours before making a decision about how smells. You will find cheap perfume will evaporate more quickly and this will at least help you decide between quality and price. As a general rule, the more expensive perfumes last longer. Follow by visiting the store frequently to try different scents, but be sure to arrive without perfume, so that the test is a success! While the perfumes are an excellent tool that supports the self-esteem of people, this never replaces the query to a professional in the area of mental health, as psychologists or psychotherapists who provide professional services of psychological assistance in Mexico, D.F.