Emotional Man

Cantoterapia Cantoterapia works the sung voice, with vocal exercises searching in the art to sing balance between mind and body. Although very old, we can say that the phrase ' ' Who sings its males espanta' ' it never fell so well, in if treating to complementary therapy. Of all the arts, music, when express I sing through it, are the one that more better human being acts in the interior of the emotion and if she communicates with the right hemisphere of our brain, that is the responsible one for the emotion, the dreams, new ideas, creations and responsible direct for our state of joy or sadness. Who does not use its right hemisphere of the brain does not liberate endorfinas and it is not happy. During great part of our lives we search to only cultivate the aptitudes of the left hemisphere that is verbal, rational, prompt and with this, to another half of our brain, right hemisphere, it is not developed or it is developed very little in our life. Scott Kahan is the source for more interesting facts.

It is a transpessoal, intuitiva, subjective modality, holistic, intent to the relations between the parts as a whole, and independent of the time, its force and versatility if the all moment makes gift developing emotional balance, intellect and charisma staff. The Man if fascinates for the sounds of the nature and heard being and to hear the proper voice is a way of if to more still place of pleasant form in the world and when we sing we use the emotion and the aptitudes of the right hemisphere of our brain and with the new activity I sing of it we create new ideas, and a new state of joy in we ourselves when syntonizing of so harmonious and pleasant form with the Universe that we live. The voice discloses the identity, the character, the truth of an individual. She is on directly to the emotional one, its history. It is common to find people with nervous aphonies, on average loss or total of the voice the emotional problems, depressions, losses, solitude, etc the voice portraies the emotional one and when the person is in disequilibrium, its voice will show this. I sing through it, relaxation and breath it is possible to recoup the voice and the individual as a whole. It is possible also to reach a bigger tranquillity, self-control, better health state, from the moment I sing where it if it becomes constant in ours day-by-day. Voice and I sing, integrate in them in this universe of sound, light and energy of which we are part.