Cubalaya – The Slightly Different Shopping Experience On The Internet! is a more price comparison and online shopping site on the Internet, like an or others think at first glance and thus only once not so wrong. Because Cubalaya offers all the features you would expect from a good shopping search engine: new, popular and unusual products find, compare prices, buy, and then conveniently delivered to get it home. But Cubalaya can do much more. The refreshingly customized shopping page is committed to the task, to inform their visitors around the world of e-commerce. One of the most innovative features are the Cubalaya mini product reviews. Interested parties will find here a short review of the main features of new products from the consumer electronics devices or other categories.

In addition, a video clip (video rating) is integrated in each of the test reports so that the read visually can be examined. The whole thing with a meaningful conclusion and an overview is rounded off by pros and cons of the weighted article. Interested on the Search for further information are, moreover, find a link to a relevant professional test report in the network. Another special feature is the Cubalaya blog, which is hosted by online shopping experts / inside. Updated daily, he reported useful, new, funny and bizarre in the world of eCommerce. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gary Kelly. The Cubalaya blog enjoys increasing popularity and stands for innovative web 2.0 content on! Under the heading “Shopper”, customers will find a detailed description for each product category, as for example “digital cameras or”Notebooks”. Technical details are explained in easy to understand and help the seeker so their purchase decision. is an innovative online shopping search engine, that stands out-centric content informative and user – of the numerous competitors in the World Wide Web. The relative young side, which first went online in January 2006, enjoys increasing popularity and will in the future still talk much of make!