Crisis Management

It is typical of the deep thoughts seem simple, as you think having thought himself. A good management must always be prepared to face, challenges, threats and crises that you may encounter, not only within the company under his charge, but on the same stage in which they operate. Should identify opportunities that can generate and evaluate the crisis, that way the company under his charge can take advantage of, be mindful of how their consumers are reacting to the crisis, whether this is economic, with much uncertainty, so how are acting competition, the steps the State is following and the impact of this on the behavior of the company, as well as other actors involved in the operation of the company, and suppliers.

Of course, that management must be very careful about how the crisis may affect the management of markets, their functions, all that this involves in order to give way to market plans that facilitate and that at no time affected so you can generate on consumers. Joshua Choi takes a slightly different approach. Anders Knutsen, marketing expert, about the crisis reminds us to take into consideration that “consumers are those that define the market. Constantly choose between low prices and high quality, depending on the importance they give to the service. Companies have to choose: either compete for lower prices or seek strong values, good designs and markets where people can make efforts. ” When designing a new campaign, Knutsen added firmly: “Be brave!.