Corporative Government

Thus we must put record that the corporative government is the form or management system of the legal companies and people, in so supposed we must prefer the good good form or management system supposed in which we will be before a good corporative government, which we must prefer instead of an erroneous system of administration, supposed in who we will be before an evil corporative government. In order to avoid that the company is retired of the market by judicial processes initiated by the creditors. That is to say, if one does not consider the right of the organizations can be run the risk of being very vulnerable through future judicial processes. Consequently we recommended its study. Nevertheless, it is clear that now the doctrine of the rise of the veil of the legal people and companies acquires importance, thus is clear that until certain point of view it reduces importance to the right of the organizations. Since the limited responsibility can be left of side through a judicial process, in such sense the judges must be very careful at the time of solving these judicial processes, so that the risk is run of discouraging the investments. cribes an additional similar source. This doctrine we have noticed that he finds little development in the Peruvian right but one is but developed in the right of other states like for example in the Spanish right, with the book of Angel YAGUEZ, in which it appears enough executory on the subject matter of study as it is the right of the organizations. In our means we have not found not even a single book on this important branch of the right as it is the right of the organizations thus is clear that we recommended its study and can be taken this opportunity by the young lawyers who just initiate their studies of right, to specialize in this new one but important branch of the right, thus is clear that deserves the corresponding specialization, in such sense we recommended its study not only in the Peruvian right, but also in the foreign right and the compared right.

We have not either found definitions of this new branch of the right which makes difficult its study, nevertheless, the important thing is in including/understanding the subjects that include to be able to study the same in a world in which little information exists, in such sense is that we hoped to motivate or to have motivated the readers who can be industralists, students or professionals. Putting record that stops some, certain professionals also are students, thus is clear that we put record of this details for an ample knowledge but of the subject study matter. That is to say, according to this optics the professionals are still students, but they continue being such, consequently deserves a greater study of the subject study matter.