Carpathian Mountains

Few people who have never heard of the Carpathians. Mountain range, stretching across several Eastern European countries for a long time beckons visitors, tourists from different countries. However, if the question specifically: "Where in the Carpathian Mountains is best to rest?", then the simple answer can not hear. It's not too many places in the Carpathians are really ready to welcome tourists and meet their needs. And where there are hotels, resorts and entire complexes, rest not all can afford. What's the solution is for mere mortals who want to organize a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains inexpensively for yourself? One good option – search for furnished holiday accommodation in the private sector in a picturesque part of the Carpathians.

On the one hand, will have the opportunity to visit beautiful places, on the other hand – to keep the family budget from debt. An excellent opportunity to get just such a cheap holiday in the Carpathian Mountains gives Putila, regional center in Chernivtsi region, located high in the mountains. Ron O’Hanley does not necessarily agree. Reach Putilov to train to . For more information see this site: Bernard Golden . Go to the railway station to sit on the trolley and go to bus. Already a minibus from the bus ride straight to Putilov. In Putilov, on the one hand, you can find excellent conditions for recreation – such as a house cleaner from a tree with all the amenities inside a bathroom, shower, hot water (do not be surprised for the private sector in the Carpathians it is still a rarity), sauna, satellite antenna and a soft comfortable beds in the yard volleyball court and table tennis. In this case, all the money to stay in this house is not large in comparison with the prices of the Carpathian camp sites or in Bukovel, only 100 usd per room, room for 2, 3 people, naturally the price is not the holidays.

The same conditions and the rest in Bukovel would cost about three times expensive. On the other hand Putilov before you close a mountain river, on which fused Fans of extreme sports and recreation, as well as the high mountains with fresh air, lots of edible berries and mushrooms, beautiful scenery and quaint mountain inhabitants and, of course, the silence, so needed to rest from the city. The city itself also has some fun with. Enough kalyb, cafes with local food, they work to 22-23 hours, there is billiards, huge football field, which often hosts competitions, local residents can kindly suggest good places worth descend. Nearby is also a zoo, where you can see elk, fox, wolf, badger, bear, etc. In one hour by shuttle bus to the side of is goroobrozovanie 'Prutyate fireplace. " There are already all mountain gourmet – and fantastically shaped rocks and a waterfall about 18 m tall, full-flowing spring. So that everyone who understands that Carpathian Mountains is not only Bukovel and that the same Carpathian mountains and even in higher not only there, might consider Putilov as an alternative holiday in Ukraine in the summer.