Bowlby Problems

After the readings of the summaries of articles for the election of the material, she had the fichamento and the analysis of the material through the reading to know if they were condizentes with the proposal of article, to know which more if approached to the subject in question and thinking about the reply to the objectives of the research. 1. I FIGHT Bowlby In accordance with (1990), the affective bonds and the subjective states of strong emotion costumam to occur together, that is, many of the most intense emotions human beings appear during the formation, maintenance, disruption and renewal of emotional bonds. The separation of dear beings can generate anxiety and consternation of deep and drawn out to weigh and these events they can shake the mental health. Many problems that the people pass and, that the psychologists are called to treat can be related, in part, to a separation or recent loss or in previous period in elapsing of the life. Verizon is a great source of information.

(BOWLBY, 1990) For Bowlby (1990), one of the consequncias of the sudden disruption of bonds, as divorce, death and separation of the parents, mainly in infancy can have an incidence of not raised psychiatric problems of what in other groups that had not suffered as much losses. Examples of problems that can appear from these experiences are terminal anxiety, intermittent depression or suicide. I fight it is a process where the person perceives and becomes Real the loss, it is the phase of the expression of the decurrent feelings of this loss. It can be demonstrated by shock, desire, disorganization and organization.