All Gifts

But very often it happens that the long-awaited diploma is not happy, because of the student you become a graduate, and education will be replaced by "adult" work. However, Still day delivery of the document that you become a specialist – not a time for sadness. Therefore, teachers and deans should give something that will cause a smile and joy, and still be reminded of your group for many years. All Gifts to the dean can be divided into two large, albeit highly contingent, of the group. The first will treat all those we launched, which directly to man. The second group gifts that are presented to the dean, but are given to the entire department. By the way, is always appropriate to the acquisition "sets" of gifts (for "representative" from each group).

Directly to the dean may teach what you gave (or were going to present) during the learning. We have already talked about that beautiful flowers and delicious chocolates, for example, always appropriate. Original and at the same time simple "played" gift will be tailor-made cake (if it is large, the gift of the Dean "Get" and all teachers). Unusual variant will be lots of small gifts from each graduate. This is harder in terms of organization, but much brighter in terms of emotions: imagine for a desktop as a surprise a lot of boxes and bags with bows. Do not forget to make a list of "potential" of gifts to gifts does not recur. And remember that teachers, too, is something to give. In as a gift to the department graduates often buy "technique" and it really is a great option.