After Chaos Winter The Transportation Industry Is Gradually Warm

TimoCom transport barometer shows a cargo increase in Dusseldorf, 2013-04-02 end of Q1. The circulation is so slow. The Easter business, as well as rising temperatures seem to have revived the European transport market at the end of the first quarter again. After a subdued start to the year with declining shares of cargo in the first two months, the pointer of the transport barometer of TimoCom already clearly shifted direction cargo in March. The positive economic trends in the last quarter of 2012 could not materialize first. Looking back on the freight loading ratio (48 to 52) in December, as the new year starts steamed in a part of the cargo of 36% – whole 12 percentage points lower than a month earlier. This reflects the rather chilly mood of the cold winter, because the road transport business was not yet properly awakened from hibernation. The previous year could undercut even the cargo proportion with 31 percent and was thus once again 5 percentage points lower than 2013 stronger which sagged this year Cargo proportion in February in the basement. uch as these.

The month was marked by the ongoing snow chaos in many European countries. While in the previous year a freight hold ratio of 32 to 68 were the winter month reported only a proportion of freight by 29 percent this year. So it was 3 percentage points below the value of the last year. In the European transport market, there are still more vehicle capacity as transported cargo. This slump lasted until mid-February. Due to the Easter business and the weather is slowly improving conditions in southern of Europe the transport barometer at the end of the first quarter showed a ratio of 35 2013 in March again to 65 in. Despite the rise in the increased proportion of cargo is still below last year’s level remained, because at the same time was a freight loading ratio from 44 to 56 to beech. Looking at the course of the first quarter of the last three years, the month of January had always the typical winter dent and February often weakened before there was a spring revival again.

Trend for the coming months Chief Representative Marcel Frings positively assesses the Economic Outlook: when I look back on the past few years, so I’m a similar surge, at least in the next few weeks. Currently, the transport barometer shows cargo accounted for 39 percent. The year to 2012 started in the cargo sector compared well, is racked by then but still more than in 2011. I suppose that spring revival with rising temperatures and the end take the winter break on the construction of a positive impact on the transport market. Many gardeners want to buy potting soil again after a long period of renunciation and are active in the garden.” Visit for more information about TimoCom and the transport barometer. Tim Mulke Manager corporate communication TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf + 49 211 88 26 69 13 + 49 211 88 26 59 13