A Formula For Something Ancient

But the truth is that beyond the handle to the message, the method malicious nourishes human hope (just as immoral for what is traditionally known as religion), when playing something with seriousness and faith, that something usually bring better results than doing nothing and staying in the wrong place is cursing the world with us. First I read with some discredit on the Law of Attraction and academic as I am, needless to say I felt a little insulted. I tried to do everything that was in the secret revealed to me, but if not spent too much change, I asked in forums and that sort of thing and people said “you, you have to run the universe.” The principle of attribution. Or the reverse, no matter, really. The truth is that people are tinged with fanaticism, not to die of trouble most of the time, but beyond what happens with them, nobody will deny that action and reaction, you really can get their hands on the course of his life.

And eye, I say it myself, and it is no formula or anything ancient that I read somewhere. Simply, if we let the world put us to do something, tell us to do, he will willingly accept and we reluctantly, but were those who ask. African Americans and all revolutionaries we are talking of Man, someone intangible a group of people who do not care about the individual, then we started talking about corporations, and as human beings burst and its environment, the benefit of a few subjects. It is completely falling humanity? The divine spark in man begins to turn with so much dishonesty, cynicism, and cruelty? I do not know, nor do I dare say yes or no for not participating in the game. How can we understand what happens, or do we try to say, if the film itself, Matrix, we’d be want to open the head, is that after using some producers to invest in a company with factory in Southeast Asia where it explodes and kills and enslaves people. We are experiencing the worst version of Brave New World and 1984, gentlemen.

2.0 The Internet is supposed to make us more free here to give us a more prominent role, but nobody with an ounce of doubt that this is not the goal behind both development: At the end of the day we want to spy on and control more. Read the book “Merchants of Space” Frederick Pohl, will see that I speak, is in the fifties. Anyway, I’m a surgeon, I have a job, I’m married, it feels good. I keep my humility and not think anything of me, I will not be associated with something that already understand that I am not. What I want to say how close is that after hundreds (literally) of trying to excel, learn business, get into systems of all types to create the wealth that one so beautiful paint him, now I have begun to generate some income by investing satisfactory in the stock market. I say with all my heart, I never thought it would work, but I spent a month and a half to investigate the basics, and did what I always knew I had to do: Reverse the metal in the body. I just wanted to discuss with you, I hope I have offended anyone and being honest, with good and bad, without omitting anything. I greet with affection telling them to always keep a window open, but beware the vultures from getting invisible, clear?