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Pablo Galindo Morales

‘ was participating of a seminary in the hour of plus one; ‘ super’ ‘ coffee break I see a face known, was the Landmarks that college with me made, that supressa! – How it goes Landmarks, as has walked? All good, that surprise! Very good for seeing you Isc. Landmarks were working in a company whose slogan is ‘ ‘ Customer is who manda’ ‘ it spoke to me that the customer has many priorities in the attendance and that all in the company are guided to treat the customer as if was the master. In the hour of the lunch we were to lunch together to place the colloquy in sequence we remember some events of our time, as they would be the others, things thus. As it could not leave to be the colloquy took the work route and in one determined part of the colloquy it said: – It must very be good for working in a company who considers the customer so well. _ Very good! Because you do not pass there to talk a little plus one day of these? We were for the second part of the event and later in the hour of the exit we fail to meet in them. In the following week I was to one of the store where the Landmarks works and for coincidence it was there making a visit of work to the manager of the branch office, as he was hot and he came very of one morning of Saturday of purchases, full of bag and sweating, asked for to drink water and to go to the bathroom, already directed he went me for the drinker of the store when he said me to Landmarks: – Z, we go manages it is water well geladinha, and the bathrooms are better! I thanked the gentility, I caught my bags and I was for house thinking and trying to understand because the water of the water through and bathroom of manages of the store is better, if the customer is who orders. If it really orders something there, it must order well little, would not have in contrast to be?

Great Pine

According to CONDESUS, is in this dimension that ' ' The House of the Fourth Colnia' ' it would have to be understood, as a space that, through the COPAGRO and of public politics of average stated period, would create conditions to organize and to characterize the production of the region. However, ' ' The House of the Fourth Colnia' ' one meets with its doors and closed windows, what it takes a desmotivao to the producers, institutions and representative organizations of the AFRs and the agriculturists of the region, which do not know as to act front to the empecilhos of the legislation, noticing itself a lack of knowledge to act in the search of alternatives. The workmanship was concluded in 2006 and it was never inaugurated, due to compartimentada legislation, which makes impracticable commercialization with, only, municipal inspection. Thus, they could commercialize only the cooperated ones of the city of Restinga Seca, being that the others would have that to have state or federal inspection, which is impracticable economically for the context of the AFRs in analysis. Follow others, such as Ed Bastian, and add to your knowledge base. Some questions of logistic influence in the organization of the Net. For one better understanding of the space situation, the cities formadores of the Fourth Colony, distam, on average about 20 km of distance between itself and the terminal referenciado one bes situated in RST 287 (figure 02).

In the practical one, for example, the transport of products of the city of Great Pine tree plantation for the terminal, generates a high cost, mainly in if treating to products of daily supplying, as hortigranjeiros and panificados. Figure 02: Localization of the Cities of the Fourth Colony. Source: VIRTUAL RS, 2009 Is about organizacionais questions that due to I dialogue between the parts delay the opening of ' ' House of the Fourth Colnia' ' , as well as the speech of CONDESUS, which does not admit the commercialization of informal products in the terminal, that is, with social validation, appealing quarrels of alimentary security of the consumers.

Logistic International

The IMPORTANCE OF the ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR the PROFESSIONAL OF the LOGISTIC INTERNATIONAL Pupil: Martina de Freitas Orienting Boneberg: Prof. Antonio Sebastio Ferrari Jnior SUMMARY This article had as objective generality to identify involved in the process of the logistic International and which the real importance of the English language for the professionals of this area. Through the theoretical recital, importance of the English language in a general scope was verified it, what it is the logistic International, the activities of the professionals of this area and, finally, the abilities necessary to develop its functions. This if characterized for being quantitative descriptive research, in which a questionnaire in 21 professionals was applied who work with the logistic International, of different companies and sectors of performance. From the presented results, who can be identified is the involved professionals in the process of the logistic International, the contact of the same ones with the English language, that occurs through email, telephone or documents of work and the importance given for the interviewed ones for the English language. One concludes that, with the globalization, the operations of the logistic International do not restrict only some countries, but diverse others, many times for the fact of the companies to even be multinationals. The professional executes the activities that go, since the acquisition of merchandises, until the delivery in its final destination, for this needs to know the language English to be able to carry through its work with efficiency. WORDS KEY: Logistic.

English language. Abilities. Work INTRODUCTION the English if more became the taught foreign language in more than 100 countries, as China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Egypt and Brazil. In these countries, it is emerging as the main foreign language to be found in the schools, in many cases, substituting another language in the process (CRYSTAL, 2003). Nowadays, the English is not plus a differential for the professional, finished if becoming necessity, whichever to the performance area, and the globalization is one of the factors that this process unchained, next to the necessity of an efficient language of communication.

Functional Analysis

A methodology for increase of the creativity technique the TRIZ receives the name from ‘ ‘ teoria’ ‘ because in the truth it is a set of concepts, methods and tools. As result of the tenacious work of Altshuller its creator, today ‘ ‘ box of ferramentas’ ‘ of the TRIZ it encloses: – Concept of Idealidade, Use of Resources, Functional Analysis, Inventive Table of Conflicts Technician and Principles, Principles of Separation for resolution of Physical Contradictions, Analysis S-F (Substance-Field) and System of Solutions Standard, Laws of the Evolution of Technological Systems, Database of physical, chemical effect geometric, ARIZ (Algorithm of the Resolution of Inventive Problems). In the concept of Idealidade: For a real product, the harmful effect are one ‘ ‘ taxa’ ‘ that we pay to be able to usufruct of its useful functions. But, in the limit of the relation infinite idealidade we have the ideal product: that one that never fulfills to all the useful functions and fails, not polui, does not weigh nothing, some does not occupy space and not cost nothing. That is: the ideal product carries through all the functions, but this does not exist! This is one of the strong points of the TRIZ, taking in them to think outside of the conventional, to leave mental inertia. For meeting of the idealidade of the product if uses the operator of the TRIZ the RFI? Ideal Final result, derivative of the idealidade concept.

One of the axioms of the TRIZ is of that an evolution of the systems exists technician. Learn more on the subject from Larry Ellison. In the technology, evolution is a relatively recent study, differently of what it occurs in biology. However, if it cannot wait a direct parallel between technological evolution evolution of the species. Systems technician inexist independently of the humanity (or other beings with creative abilities of devices), in contrast of what it happens with the beings livings creature.

Internet Company

The CRM systems are an important tool and continue in evolution with constant technologies. A CRM process will bring great benefits for the company in the management of relationship with the customer, will have been used of correct form. Read more here: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . In case that I oppose can cause the call effect domin, causing great losses for the organization. The speed of the commentary saw Internet of a customer, on a product or service she is positive or negative it can be instantaneous. Being able until defining the failure or the success of a mark (product, service, company). To guarantee the attendance of quality to the customers, the companies have that to constantly invest in the qualification and professional training, of its collaborators. The CRM team has that to have a cronograma of training, lectures, courses and workshop, the ideal is to each four months, and with possibilities of these recyclings to be in external environment to the workstation. The training must be divided between operational integration and. Whenever Ed Bastian listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Some companies terceirizam the relationship central office, others the central offices are located distant of the headquarters of the company, and when he is the two cases are still worse. DISADVANTAGES OF CENTRAL OFFICES TERCEIRIZADAS Trabalham with a diversity of products, and can not give the attention deserved to its customer and to its product. The collaborator (attendant) that this treating direct with its customer, many times can not be technical prepared, it received only one fast training, they had placed and it in the front line. Objectifying the reduction of its costs, the contracted one can give defective training to the employees, in this in case that the company loses part of its control on the qualification of the employees, also can use employed with low wages and, therefore, of low professional quality. The terceirizados ones do not present loyalty with the organization, can present high indices of rotation what it makes impracticable any program of implanted training.

Federal Parties

According to it, this if initiates with the definition of the object of contract and establishment of the qualification requirements, the criteria of acceptance of proposals, the general clauses of the contract, the sanctions for insolvency, among others. Still salient it the necessity of the choice of the proclamer for the competent authority, its function in the conduction of the licitation. 2.4.2. External phase the external phase of the proclamation has beginning with the invocation of the interested parties. Of agreement with Fernandes (2000) the invocation is made through the acknowledgment publication, having been this an extract of the content of the Proclamation, contends definition of the object of the licitation, the indication of the place, days and schedules where the Proclamation or the being the same read by the interested parties and received the proposals could be gotten complete of. Having ample spreading next to the interested parties by means of periodical, site or acknowledgments placed in places that make possible the access of any person.

In its work, Peixoto (2001) describes the publication of acknowledgments in Federal official gazette and in periodicals of great circulation as obligator, and registers the electronic propagation as optional. The still salient author the necessity of the setting of one dates for the accomplishment of the public session in these acknowledgments and of the importance of the attendance of the interested parties in the licitation armed of the proposals and relative documents the qualification. According to sancionada law 10,520/02 in day 17 of July of 2002 for then the President of the Republic Fernando Enrique Cardoso, ‘ ‘ the stated period for presentation of the proposals cannot be inferior the 8 working days, counted from the publication of the acknowledgment, and must be specified in the Edital’ ‘ (Removed Text of published law 10,520/02 in the site of the Federal Government).

Agency Native

Currently the chemical control and the biological control are tactical possible for the reduction of the population of insects. However, the population survey is the first step to arrive at the integrated handling of plagues, being observed itself the population peaks and the relations with abiticos factors (Barbosa et al. 2001, Menezes Jr & Pazini 2001). The development of programs of integrated handling of plagues (MIP) greatly depends on basic studies of population dynamics and determination of the relative importance of the forces that regulate the growth population of the fitfagos insects. Of this form, one becomes necessary that research is developed to know which is the factors and as they intervene with the intensity of attack of the plagues to the culture. Amongst the enemy artrpodos natural gifts in the goiabeira are distinguished joaninhas of the Coccinelidae family that are important predators for presenting a great alimentary diversity.

The majority of the pertaining species to this family is entomfagas, feeding itself of species of hempteros, mites and larvae of coleopters desfolhadores (Clausen, 1972). According to Olkowsky et al. (1990), the coccineldeos between are known predators of insects, and occur in the majority of the regions of the world, controlling plagues of innumerable cultures. Thus, the improvement of the knowledge of agroecossistema of the goiabeira, as a complex ecological unit, will make possible the perfectioning of programs of integrated handling of plagues (MIP) that they are important regionally. The main objective of this work was to characterize the population dynamics of Scymnus spp in a half-organic experimental orchard of goiaba (Psidium guajava L.) in the region of Pindorama-SP and to correlate it with climatic factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS the present work is part of a project of research and extension developed with the co-participation and co-authorship of the Eng. Agr.

Ricardo. the Calore. The experiment was installed in an experimental orchard of the half-organic type in the region of Pindorama-SP, in experimental field of the Agency Native of So Paulo of Technology of the Agronegcios (APT), composition for a collection of 92 genotypes of goiabeira with 14 years of age in the espaamento standard, with transport uniform and plantation in level.

The Companies

They are them customers, suppliers, collaborators and also the society its return, being thus the spectators. with this, many companies intend to reach a level of very great recognition in relation to its competitors who it are not. That they are not above all worried about the commitment of to be ethical and citizen. This finishes generating an inaquality of jobs, however beneficial. It finishes that creating air to be able under that one that does not make its part it stops with the environment and the society inside and outside of it. But this rivalry finishes that foradamente inviting its competitor to more also make. To make something that until good little time behind was considered luxury and for few. this rival climate is good for the community in general thus becoming each time more close to the level of improvement in the social, ambient and cultural subject for each organization.

It is being a disadvantage, therefore the competitor she will make also it and if the company will not be good the sufficient will lose part of its picture of collaborators without a doubt some. as today Brazil suffers with the distribution of resources of investments, is natural that it has a lack in this subject. If all the companies who today are active in the country, thought with a little solidarity more than, our problems that are seen as ' ' alheios' ' they would not be ours. Of the door pra is, the companies consider as other people’s and when in the truth the problem is of all. would have to be enxergado and faced for all, who knows thus the inaquality would not exist. Although the majority of them, knows that it has immense to be able where they act, they prefer not to open the eyes, or better, to dissimulate not to see what it passes to its redor.

Creation Evangelho

Since that the World exists the anxious person or not, has that to cross them, waiting its to develop. LIFE PR-EXISTE TO EVERYTHING Because the life is more than what the food, and the body, more than what the vestments. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. 12:23. GOD only has the Power to give to Life to the Human Universe and Spiritual. What It cannot make to keep alive all its Creation? TEENY FLOCK you do not fear, teeny flock; because your Father if pleased in giving its kingdom to you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP.

12:32. Ahead of the Superior Plans, what it is the Planet Land? A teeny flock in the primary age. exactly thus, the Celestial Father, already order until it all its goods. YOU SEARCH ITS KINGDOM You study the Moral Laws of the Master JESUS and the Universal Laws of GOD and will widen yours horizontes, making to grow the longed for goods. You look the Knowledge all, why GOD is Wise and Saint. You work and you will increase your goods, for sustenance yours and to help who not yet it arrived at your state of bigger search. God everything distributes for all its children and is each richer time.

You first search the Kingdom of God and its Justice and all things will be added the material you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:33. This Law of Divine Economy is for being used by all the Human beings. It is this Economy that supports the Universes. EITHER ALWAYS HEALTHFUL Therefore, not inquieteis you with at some future date, therefore tomorrow it will bring its cares, is enough to the day its proper evil. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:34. The balance in the primordial search of benesses for the Immortal Spirit becomes healthful any creature.

Coordinator Questions

So that let us have the waited results, we need to develop our minds to think different, to enxergar what it is written by behind of the words, that stop we, pparently, has the same meant that the other people had identified. This is the secret, for example, to understand what it is written by backwards of the word Periodical, we can not only have another interpretation and ' ' Jornal' '. The periodical is the vehicle that goes to transmit the message, and alone we worry in them in transmitting through the same standardized research, ready questions, a long full avenue of questions, even so elaborated well, can not be the questions that serve of questionings for our company. Vocs can until thinking that such questions had been made for your company, I agree, you is seeing with its eyes and not with the ones of the receivers (Jornal+ista), the periodical is the sender, but the interested party is the Journalist, between the periodical and the journalist we have the journalism that practises he is it to collect, to write, to edit and to publish information. The Journalist in this metaphor the collaborators of its company are all, through its perceptions they will be able in giving spectacular contributions to them, them they are writing the history of its company, and they will only be able to offer the questions to you that will be part of its research.

If the answers are internally, logically that the questions also are internally. When the company formulates the questions that really are of interest of its collaborators, it starts to adopt a participativa communication, taking to the four cantos of the organization the satisfaction and the certainty of that, at least, we were heard. Some positions as: Leader, Manager, Head, Coordinator, Supervisor, among others, would have to accurately make what the position demands, that is, To lead, To manage, To command, To co-ordinate, To supervise, not to work, they are strategical positions, and for being strategical they will have that to work with the mind and not with the hands, they are the pensantes minds of the organization.