Multifunctional Organizations

The main objective of the Corporative Governana is to decide the existing conflicts of interest between the diverse agents who influence the company, assuring that the organization is managed in accordance with the financial interests of its stakeholders. In the past the companies, of simple organizacionais structures, were seen under the optics of the concept of black box, that is, the objective of the organizations were to find the conditions excellent delinquents, using itself, for this, of the information gotten for the entrances and exits of its processes, thus maximizing the profits. (A valuable related resource: David Fowler). Of this form, the actions of Corporative Governana were directed only the actions of maximizao of prescriptions, without considering the environment which the company was inserted. The modern organizations, many of multi-functional them (M-form), establish connection and identify its form, or structure, with the Corporative Governana, in sistmica way. These companies had left to be citizens only to the internal hierarchic interests and had started to depend on one external adaptation, to take care of to the interests of its customers and shareholders. Thus, the actions of Corporative Governana, for the M-form companies, flexible and adapted the necessity external, extend the concept of Governana, when assuring that the company is managed in accord, not only with stakeholders financial, but also, with all those agents who are not its shareholding creditors and nor, but that it has interest in the company, such as: customers, suppliers, used and even though the community. Another element, that also evolves, in result of the change of prism of the Corporative Governana, is the relation in between agent and the agent.

Old the shareholders of the organizations of simple structure, whatever the cost infused in its executives the necessity of maximizao of the financial results of the companies. He did not have systematic monitoramento of the activities of the executives, what caused for the organization extreme growth by means of acquisitions, harmful diversification, setting of extreme personal expenses, influence in sales of asset of the company, enterprise of projects in accordance with the personal taste of the executive, act of contract of unprepared members of the family for managemental positions, resistance the substitution, robbery of profits and etc. Today with the sistmica boarding of the Corporative Governana, the agents adopt methods of monitoramento of its agents, in order to establish a rigid control on these, and guaranteeing that they act in optimum interest of the organization. Of this form, the Corporative Governana, assumes, the established sistmica mensurao in internal mechanisms composites for the administration advice, system of information and shareholding concentration, and for the external mechanisms of legal protection to the investors, possibility of hostile acquisition of the company, fiscalization of the market agents and structure of capital.